"You can´t hang on to something and care about it; you can´t grab something without damaging it." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“You can´t hang on to something and care about it; you can´t grab something without damaging it.”

“You can´t hang on to something and care about it; you can´t grab something without damaging it.”

I pause; I take a sip of coffee.

“You have to let go of your friendship with the penguin.  I understand that you named it. You feed it. You petted it´s head.  You have to let it be free.  You can´t bring it with us.”

“Why not?”, Bilta replies as he turns his head to his new friend.

“Um”, I reply as I roll my eyes, “it should be obvious that we only have 2 seats in the spacejet and don´t have space  for you to bring it back.”

“It can sit on my lap.”

I pause.

“You make a good point, writer.”

I pause again; am I being played for a sucker?

“Ok”, I continue speaking as I pull the spacejet keys from my pocket, “your new friend can sit on your lap in the spacejet.  But, be careful as the seatbelt is only for one person.”

“I will!”, he replies as he starts smiling and grabs a wing of the penguin.

“Come on”, he says to the penguin as he starts pulling it towards the spacejet.

The penguin starts panicing; it lunges at Bilta and bites his arm.

“Mother fucker!”, Bilta screams as he pushes the penguin away.

I pause; I roll my eyes again at Bilta.

“Told you that he wasn´t your friend”, I say as I start walking towards the spacejet.

I turn my head back to Bilta.

“You ready?”

He starts shaking his head; he looks back at the penguin running away.

“Yeah”, Bilta replies as he turns his back to me.

I pause; it´s fucking always something with this dude.

“So you want to grab dinner on the way home?”, I say as I open the door on the spacejet.

Bilta sighs; I really thought that he liked me.

“Yeah”, he replies as he opens the passenger door, “that sounds nice.”

I put the key in the ignition; the spacejet starts up; I turn down the radio and scroll over to the oldies channel.

“Love this song”, I say as I turn up the volume a bit.

“What do you want to eat?”

I pause; I haven´t had a digitalhamburger in a while.

“How about pizza?”, I ask as I turn my head to Bilta putting on his seatbelt.

“Sure”, he replies as the seatbelt clicks into the connector.

I look in the rearview mirror; good day.  I shift the vehicle into reverse and start backing up. I hit lift off and the thrusters power on.  Moments later, I take a left and enter the space highway. I recline the seat a bit.  I turn up the volume on the radyo.  We stop and get a pizza.  Bilta spills soda on his pants.  I laugh and hand him a napkin.  We get back in the spacejet.  0.938456 nanoseconds, I pull into Bilta´s driveway.

“It was a good day”, I say as I vertical park the spacejet.

“Yeah”, he replies as he unfastens his seatbelt and opens the door.

He pauses as he gets out of the vehicle.

“Did you want the report today?”

“It´s fine if you want to wait until tomorrow”, I reply as I turn my head away and look in the rearview mirror.

“Ok”, he replies as he closes the door.

He turns back to the spacejet and waves; I shift the vehicle into lift off.  Moments later, I open the front door.  My wife is waiting for me.

“Where have you been?”

“We had to do more research for the penguin migration”, I reply as I take a step into the house.

“We have been waiting for 2 hours to eat dinner”, she replies as she points her finger at me.

“Oh?”, I reply as I take a step into the kitchen, “I didn´t know.  We grabbed a pizza on the way home.”

“WHAT?????????”, she replies, “do you ever think of me?”

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