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Wake Up. Show Up.

“It´s not about wanting it to get better; it´s that it is better, now; the present is real.” (7/25/2018) - “Oh!”, HR replies as she takes a sip of soda, “you got me a present?” “No”, I reply as I shake my head, “I mean the present moment–you´re in it.” “Yeah”, she replies as she sets her lata down, “of course, I´m in the present–where else could I be?” “Your mind is not in the present–it´s wrapped up in a story.” “Story of my life–a sad girl looks for meaning...
“I´m sorry, but I´m actually not interested in being friends”, I say as I sip my coffee. (5/9/2018) - “Why not?”, the writer replies as he sets his taza down on the table at the small cafe. He pauses; should I say the joke? He takes a deep breath; pauses; looks out the large bay window; turns his head back to me. “I´m a fungi!” I turn my head to the large bay window; to the barista; back to the writer. “No”, I reply. I pause. “Yes”, I repeat to...
Lighten up, Yo‏. (7/5/2014) - Yo, learn to have fun with life Dude, NONE of us gets out alive HAHAHA Dude, just take things as they come, learn to lighten up, stop complaining, stop whining about how other people are affecting you You – yes, You – learn how to laugh at life. Something good happens: OK COOL LOL. Something bad happens: OK COOL LOL Yo, just have faith in your future, believe you are...
Love or fear or to love fear‏ (7/5/2014) - Yo, there’s basically two emotions everything can be distilled to: Yo, is it out of love Yo, or is it out of fear Basically, anger for example is wanting love but not receiving it – wanting to control love and being upset when you don’t get it – Yo, TRULY, LOVE, FEAR AND CONTROL REVOLVE THE UNIVERSE Well… if you know me, you know I like to offer another option,...

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