"Really, the only people that are going to like you are the ones that think they are better then you." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“Really, the only people that are going to like you are the ones that think they are better then you.”

“Really, the only people that are going to like you are the ones that think they are better then you.”

The writer shifts in his seat.

I pause; I take a sip of coffee; I turn to look out the window; there´s 15 surfers, a dude selling hotdogs and a lady sunbathing.

“So”, I continue speaking as I pick up a biscotti, “you want to convince people that they are better then you–but you don´t want to do it with guilt trips or complaining.  People hate complainers!  Crybabys are the worst.”

“So how can I do that? And why are you telling me these things?”

“Well, Bilta”, I reply as I take a bite of the biscotti, “you are going to have to find a new job.  We have no more work.  Your tree planting skills were superb and now there is nothing else for us to do on that contract.  In place, I am recommending that you look for something new while I consider what options we have now.  That way you don´t have any time off.”

“What should I look for?”

“Um… something that pays.”

“Clearly, that´s the point of a job.  However, after having spent time together, what do you recommend that I do?”

“Spin in your chair and look up”, I pause; that was clever, “but, no, really, I think that you report writing skills have improved drastically and you should consider looking in that area.”

“Writing reports on what?”



“Yeah”, I reply as I lean back in recliner, “it doesn´t matter–a report is a report.  What matters is that you know how to do it–in place, you can do really anything.  The basic is the foundation–the basic skills to perform the job transfer to other topics.  You did a great job with the penguins–now, use those skills to develop a new job.  Remember that this is not forever, and, instead, just while I consider what options that we have; what other things that we can do.  While I look at which direction, we want to go–consider what direction that you want to go. We may be a team but you can do what you want–it´s your work.  If you don´t enjoy what you are doing then you can go do something else–remember, that you are, and have to be, the master of you.”

“So how does this have anything to do with what you said in the beginning about making people think that they are better then you?”

“I wouldn´t say it that way–but you don´t really want to have jealousy.”

“Why would people be jealous?”

“How it goes?”

“What´s that mean?”

“It means that the person who works 10 hours a week at something they don´t enjoy is jealous of the person that works 5 hours a week at something they don´t enjoy–a negative mindset manifests in many ways.”

“So is there anything that I can do to change things?”

“You personally can start enjoying what you do–your mindset.  You can also minimize the negative external influences in your life.”

“Is this why you want me to find new work?”


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