"You´re not welcome here", the letter says on the table, "just accept it." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“You´re not welcome here”, the letter says on the table, “just accept it.”

“You´re not welcome here”, the letter says on the table, “just accept it.”

I pick it up; set it down on the table. I hope the guy on the couch gets it; gets him thinking.

“What´s up?”, he says as he sits up and opens his eyes; he was asleep.

“Oh no”, I reply as I pick up the note again and crumple it in my hand.

I turn my head to him.

“Hey”, I ask him as he reaches over for the bag of papitas, “why are you still here?”

He pauses.

“What´s up?”, he asks as he reaches into the bag of papitas, “didn´t you get my rent check?”

I pause.

“You pay rent?”

“Yeah”, he replies as he puts a handful of papitas into his mouth, “thanks again for letting me stay here.”

“Oh”, I say as I turn my head away and toss the note into the trashcan, “yeah… it´s cool.”

I pause.

“Hey”, I turn my head back to him and take a step towards the hallway, “I´m heading to the store to get some food–you need anything?

“Yeah”, he replies as he tosses the empty bag of papitas on to the linoleum in the kitchen, “more snacks.”

I pause; I look at the trash on the floor.

“I would like you to get a new place.”

He pauses.


“Ok”, I reply.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”


I pause; this is a turning point.

I turn my head away from the guy on the couch and then back to him.

“I´m going to give you 2 weeks to find a new place.”

The guy on the couch turns his head back to me.


“And”, I tell my wife as I reach over for the digitalzanahorias, “that´s what I told him.”

She pauses; what am I going to do now?

She turns her head away and looks out the window.

“So are you going to pay the rent now that we just lost?”


“Yeah”, she replies as she reaches over for the digitalpapas on the dinner table, “you made a decision. Are you going to handle the consequences–are you going to pay the rent now?

She pauses.

“I mean”, she says as she takes a deep breath, “I know that my companion robot is annoying but it is really helping.”

I pause; that was her companion robot?

“What?”, I reply as I lean back in the chair in the kitchen, “I didn´t know.”

She replies as she leans back in her chair, “yup.”

“And”, I continue to the class as I turn on the videoprojector and put the slide up.

“I have a question”, a student calls out.

I turn my head from the digitalblackboard to the student.

The student pauses; should I say something now?

“Is this a true story?”

It was the 12th point; Dorinto had changed in the last few decademilleniums; I had been teaching this class for so long; kind of on autopilot; in a trance? I hadn´t changed up the curriculm in a long time. Did I need to change things in the class? Was it effective still? I talk about innovation and progress; am I still in that mindset?

The class ends; I leave the auditorium and turn off the lights; been teaching this class for a while; what will happen in the next semester?

What to me is the equivalent of taking a shot for goal if, when, I get put into the game?

How can I walk away without feeling that I never tried?

What is the goal or objective of what I am doing?

What is the biggest success in what I am doing?

What will let me walk away with my head held high?

How can I let it go?

How can I try?

The digitalCD is repeating in the spacejet as I look out the window on the drive back home; I pause; I hit forward to go to the next track; the bass kick hits, then the snare; I smile; I look forward in the spacejet.