"Thanks for the blue hoodie, HR, but I can´t wear it in public", I tell her, "do you get it?" » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“Thanks for the blue hoodie, HR, but I can´t wear it in public”, I tell her, “do you get it?”

“Thanks for the blue hoodie, HR, but I can´t wear it in public”, I tell her, “do you get it?”

“Why not?”, she asks as she looks down at the floor in the kitchen.

“Well”, I say as I lean forward and pick up my taza, “people think that people who wear blue hoodies are important.”

She pauses; turns her head to me.


I pause.

“Well”, I say as I lean back in my chair and take a sip of coffee, “when people think that you are important, they also think that you have money. When people think that you have money, people think how they don´t. They want to change that.”


“Yeah”, I say as I lean forward and pick up the bag of digitalpapitas, “we don´t do that around here.”

She pauses.

“So you´re not going to wear it?”

I pause; she really thought this out and considered my feelings.

“I´m going to try.”

“How´d it go at the park today?”, my wife asks me as she takes the digitalzanahorias from the microwave.

“Yeah”, I reply as I lean forward and pick up my taza, “it was nice.”

She pauses.

“Hey”, she says as she slides the small digitalcardboard box to me on the table, “this came in the mail for you last night.”

I pause; was this another VCR tape?

I reach over and pick up the box.

“Oh!”, I say as I set it down, “this isn´t mine. It´s MPNITY.2´s mail.”

I pause; probably more gardening supplies. 

“That guy loves to garden.”

“Yeah”, my wife says as she pulls out a chair, “ok.”

“So I was thinking

“Yeah”, she says as she grabs a scoop of hot vegetables, “that never goes well.”

I pause.

“Oh, sorry”, she says as she reaches over for the digitaltea, “go on.”

“I was thinking”, I say as I reach over for the scooper and get some digitalzanahorias, “that we haven´t taken a vacation in a while. What do you say about this weekend?”

She pauses; leans back in her chair.

“I would love to”, she says as she takes a sip of digitaltea, “but I have to be in Planet PSLOG on Saturday.”

I pause; I sigh.

“Ok”, I say as I take a bite of the digitalturkey.

I turn my head and look out the window.

“Oh!”, I continue as I pick up my glass of digitaltea, “I picked up this for HR´s graduation.”

I take the digitalpaperback out of my bookbag.

“Girl Hero?”, my wife says as she picks up the book.

“Yeah”, I reply as I take another bite of digitalturkey, “it was in the clearance section.”

“It looks good!”, she replies as she picks up a digitalturkey slice.

I turn my head to look back out the window; back to her; down at my plate of food; back to her.

“Yeah”, I reply as I take a sip of digitaltea, “yeah.”

“Today we´re going to learn about project charge.”

I pause.

“So”, I say to the class in the auditorium through the microphone in my kitchen, “when we do a project, a person signs off on it; that means that they are responsible for it; the consequences. Do you understand?”

A student raises a hand. I turn the spotlight on and point it to their chair.

“So”, the person says as they stand up, “when you say WE, who are you referring to?”

I pause.

“You know”, I reply through the microphone, “I don´t really know–maybe it´s my college, or my work, the people I went to high school with, the people in my vicity, my family, my collegues? It´s not really something that I specifically decide on–like this person is in my WE or they are not in my WE. It´s just a way of saying that the group that I´m in does THIS or THAT. Really, it´s not about the membership. It´s about understanding that your actions have resultants. If I push you, and you move, and you hit the person next to you–well, I don´t hit that person but because I did something, push you, that person was hit. Does that make sense? Like it´s about how–I may not be the person who did it directly, but as a result of my action, this happened or that happened. It´s why personal responsibility matters–it may not be about the person directly next to me, but what happens next. Because I did something this person was impacted and moved. You may not know how your actions effect others–because you can´t, necessarily, see the interactions that you don´t see. Make sense?”

The student pauses.

“Yeah”, she says as she starts to sit down, “not really. We think you talk too much.”

I pause.

“I know!”, I say as I lean back in my chair, “you´re right.”

I pause.

“So anyways”, I continue speaking through the microphone, “there´s a test on Friday. Good luck!”