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  1. “What is it in us that makes us want to pull down others–who rises by diminishing? When can we let it go?” (3/18/2019)
  2. “Yeah, I`m hideous. Worst of the worse! Terrible. Horr-i-ble! Did I say hideous?“, I pause, “so like… did you want to go grab a pizza?” (3/17/2019)
  3. “Well, Bilta, you have other people syndrome. You look for excuses instead of opportunities-you decided that you’re a loser. (3/7/2019)
  4. “You’re in denial–I’m not. You are lying to everyone, including yourself–no one trusts you now. (3/4/2019)
  5. “You’ve vastly over-blown my vague curiousity for down-right obsession in your review of my, rather, boring and hum-drum day-to-day life.” (2/16/2019)
  6. “Really, the only people that are going to like you are the ones that think they are better then you.” (1/8/2019)
  7. “You´re going to learn a bad lesson about life. People leave; friends go away; you´ll be alone before you´re together.” (12/13/2018)
  8. “I don´t know why you think that I care what you do in your life–I´m just gathering information so I can decide what I´m going to do, in mine. (12/11/2018)
  9. “Let´s roleplay. I´ll start: Hi, my name´s Bilta. I have no education or experience. I know everything. (12/9/2018)
  10. “Relax, agresivo. I know that you are having fun but you are bigger then them, and you are scaring the lwentqs.” (12/5/2018)
  11. “You can`t cure bored and angry doing the same things that got you there–you have to try something new.” (12/4/2018)
  12. “There´s actually a point to having good self-confidence and not being relient on the opinion of others.” (11/28/2018)
  13. “You can´t hang on to something and care about it; you can´t grab something without damaging it.” (11/26/2018)
  14. “You don´t know that person–you should err on the side of caution. If you f#ck them over, (11/23/2018)
  15. “You´re going to have to fight to get what you want. You will have to be proactive and defensive.” (11/22/2018)
  16. “You´re not wrong. I´m saying that you´re not right. There´s a better, more fair, way to look at it and go about it.” (11/21/2018)
  17. “If you talk to me directly, you´ll find that it´s very easy to communicate. Give me a chance to show that I respect you.” (11/20/2018)
  18. “When you´re always wanting, you never appreciate what you have. That´s when and why you lost it.” (11/15/2018)
  19. “Don´t get used to feeling bad. When you feel bad, be aware of what you do. You can´t let it go but you can see how you are.” (11/13/2018)
  20. “Careening in the direction of self-actualization, we dump everything that gives us pleasure and brings us down.” (9/29/2018)
  21. “I´m a lover of the small things–holding hands, walking together, small gifts, intimate dinner.” I pause; I sigh. (9/28/2018)
  22. “At some point, you´re just going to say fuck it and you´re going to do what you´ve been putting off (9/23/2018)
  23. “Show up. Leave a reputation. Never apologize. Look forward. Extreme optimism. Strong realism. Engage life.” (9/21/2018)
  24. “All you can do is not contact me again”, I declare into the digitaltelephone as I hit the power button and the device shuts off. (9/20/2018)
  25. “You prob shouldn´t stare into the camera when you take the picture–I mean… do you ever blink?”, I tell the writer. (9/11/2018)
  26. “This is why I like to have a heavy blanket at night when I sleep–I feel secure”, I tell the writer as I shift in my seat. (9/8/2018)
  27. “Hey–do you want any help getting out of that hole that you dug for yourself, and then fell in?” (9/3/2018)
  28. “The smart action is somewhere between yes and no; the power of bargaining to get exactly what you want.” (8/30/2018)
  29. “I think you´re masking your depression–what´s your house look like? Is it clean and put together?that´s a good indicator.” (8/26/2018)
  30. “I would like to be friends but my superficial clique, family, and that random guy in the corner don´t approve.” (8/25/2018)
  31. “Well, I don´t think you should be in charge of any humans–because you´re faking, and most people aren´t faking”, I tell the waiter. (8/23/2018)
  32. “I´ld kinda prefer if you don´t like me and stay away–I mean life´s hard and I got it handled so let it, me, go.” (8/21/2018)
  33. “In the real world, a job has a salary range–based on title, experience, location, education level. A postive attitude doesn´t matter.” (8/21/2018)
  34. “It´s just you and your kayak going down the whitewater rapids–you can´t control the river.” (8/19/2018)
  35. “I bet you couldn´t name 5 things about me”, I tell the writer as I recline in my chair, “yet… you keep telling people we´re friends.” (8/18/2018)
  36. “Maybe you´re trying to get rid of the witnesses?”, I tell the writer as I lower my black sunglasses, “you want privacy for some reason?” (8/17/2018)
  37. “Do you give back or donate anything to the community–do you do anything that matters with your greatness?” (8/16/2018)
  38. “Change your life today–I mean… not like today today, but a today, in general”, I tell the writer as I sip my coffee. (8/13/2018)
  39. “It takes a long time to get used to feeling good–to that be your default, go-to, existance. Feeling good is a change.” (8/13/2018)
  40. “Well… it´s like a herd of waterbuffalo getting ready to run off a cliff–you should consider diverging from the groupthink.” (8/9/2018)
  41. “I don´t want friendship; I don´t want to hang; I want ice cream ´cause there´s a heat wave.” (8/8/2018)
  42. “When you don`t say anything; when you are complacent; when you justify, you are an accomplice.” (8/5/2018)
  43. “I’m writing to you from this, like, dark cave, like, cyber cafe that is super legit but also seems super sketchy.” (8/2/2018)
  44. “When you do things to be cool, it, kinda, by default, makes you uncool when people find out.” (8/1/2018)
  45. “At this point, we think that it is most appropriate to give them space and not to detract from the serious nature of the incident.” (7/29/2018)
  46. “I couldn´t go with the wetsuit idea”, the writer says as he sips his coffee, “instead, I got a face tattoo of a smiley face.” (7/28/2018)
  47. “I think your family wants ice cream. Also, I don´t think you can just KEEP moving your pieces on the chess board.” (7/27/2018)
  48. “You know, I just want to be happy, and enjoy my life, and live as I choose–is that too much to ask?” (7/26/2018)
  49. “It´s not about wanting it to get better; it´s that it is better, now; the present is real.” (7/25/2018)
  50. “I threaten your illusion; I am not attacking but defending my stance; positioning is important.” (7/24/2018)
  51. “Well you know, I have 17 followers on my HandLive account–and, it´s a lot of pressure. When I go to the gym, they go to the gym.” (7/23/2018)
  52. “Engulfed with hatred, anger, delusion and greed, you charge against the world; but, you are not the matador, you are the bull.” (7/23/2018)
  53. “I´m just really uncomfortable with the lack of questions if I´m related to Will Smith”, the writer says as he sips his coffee. (7/21/2018)
  54. “Zone out. Hone in. See who´s talking badly about you behind your back”, the writer says as he sips his coffee. (7/20/2018)
  55. “You know, we live in 2018 and sex is still a taboo subject–to talk about and to engage in.” (7/19/2018)
  56. “You know, I agree, that at some level, it´s interesting–but, garbage in, garbage out. You export what you import.” (7/16/2018)
  57. LIFE RULE 3928: Don´t go to your neighbor´s house, piss on their rug and expect a fruit basket thank you. (7/16/2018)
  58. “Do you understand that your HAKI addiction is tearing apart my family–this is the third bag!” (7/14/2018)
  59. “Well, HR, that´s when we started pressing charges for cyberharassment”, I say as I reach over for the palomitas. (7/13/2018)
  60. “You know that from the get go–the point of this blog has been for Joe in Arkansas.” (7/12/2018)
  61. “Hey–can you solve all the problems in the world? Also, we´re not going to pay you. It´s due at 2pm Tuesday. Thanks!” (7/11/2018)
  62. “So like I´m pretty sure that we determined through science that the world doesn´t revolve around Earth”, (7/10/2018)
  63. “You´re going to have a really hard time driving, if you are staring in your rearview mirror”, I tell HR. (7/9/2018)
  64. “I really want a moat in front of the house”, I tell HR as I strum through the digitalnewspaper. (7/8/2018)
  65. “I think a lot of people know that my first book was written for my grandmother”, I tell myself. (7/5/2018)
  66. “You know–the smart bullfighter doesn´t attack–he waits. Once the charge is on, the skill is in knowing how to move”, (7/4/2018)
  67. “I like the post”, I tell HR as I scroll through her cat collage, “I mean… you know… whatever… I´m just going to acknowledge it.” (6/29/2018)
  68. “You know–if you have coffee and try“, I tell HR as I set down the taza, “you´re BASICALLY half way there.” (6/28/2018)
  69. “How did you get into HAKI?”, the sternographer asks my wife as he types the notes up on the laptop. (6/27/2018)
  70. I turn my head from the ruckus. “So”, HR asks as she sips the soda, “what was that about?” (6/26/2018)
  71. “Happy Birthday, HR! I got you a cake!”, I say as I place the pastel on the kitchen table, “hey–it´s really delicious!” (6/26/2018)
  72. “So like… 6 days of work… 1 day of rest”, I tell my wife as I scan the produce section in the digital grocerystore. (6/25/2018)
  73. “Hey HR–I´m looking at book titles. Which one was it?”, I ask as I scan the row at the library. (6/25/2018)
  74. “I have a small herd of Autistic cats that roam around the place and can experience being a family”, the homeless guy says. (6/23/2018)
  75. “So… like… I´m reading this article that you wrote. It´s really bad and immature”, I tell the writer as I sip my coffee. (6/21/2018)
  76. “The secret is to travel in family wolfpacks”, the writer says as he takes a sip of soda and reaches over for the palomitas. (6/19/2018)
  77. “Well… yeah… I don´t have money to pay someone to babysit you and we don´t have the resources to handle you.” (6/15/2018)
  78. “Yeah… I don´t know. I just write a blog and books about explotation and harassment”, the writer says. (6/14/2018)
  79. “Thanks for the blue hoodie, HR, but I can´t wear it in public”, I tell her, “do you get it?” (6/12/2018)
  80. “Understand that I does not exist–it´s simply WE and You“, I say as I sip the coffee. (6/10/2018)
  81. “You need to know that I´m in a cult and we do pet socks”, I tell HR. #cute (6/7/2018)
  82. “I´m sorry but I´m not allowed to have feelings for you”, the man says as he sips his coffee. (5/26/2018)
  83. “I´m thinking of a road trip”, HR says as she leans back in the chair in the kitchen. (5/25/2018)
  84. “Well @Susanarte.L… apparently the population of Dorinto is 415 and @Susanarte.L.” {Part 3} (5/20/2018)
  85. I turn my head to look at the pond; there´s 17 ducks swimming today; {Part 2} (5/20/2018)
  86. “I´m sorry, but, you´re invading my personal space, and, you can´t eat HAKI. {Part 1} (5/13/2018)
  87. “I´m just being nice so you will leave without a confrontation”, I tell the robotcompanion. (5/11/2018)
  88. “I´m sorry, but I´m actually not interested in being friends”, I say as I sip my coffee. (5/9/2018)
  89. “So”, he replies, “you think that we should push home schooling?”{PART 2} (5/3/2018)
  90. “I am a pioneer of reverse psychology in blogging”, the writer says. {PART 1} (5/2/2018)
  91. “We really need to talk”, HR says as she puts the pamphlet on the kitchen table. (5/1/2018)
  92. “You´re not welcome here”, the letter says on the table, “just accept it.” (4/25/2018)
  93. “If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you jump?”, I ask the class. (4/24/2018)
  94. “I have a question”, I say to the doctor as I turn my head to him. (4/23/2018)
  95. “This s*it is stressful, right?”, I ask my companion robot as I put on my tie. (4/22/2018)
  96. I hit send on the laptop; the response goes out to my publisher. (4/19/2018)
  97. “Do you think they´re observing us?”, she asks as she turns her head to me. (4/16/2018)
  98. “I ever tell you about my Senior Game of soccer in high school?”, I ask my wife. (4/15/2018)
  99. “It´s called The Magic Bullet Theory of Communication”, he tells me. (4/12/2018)
  100. “I remember this”, I think as the movie plays silently. (4/10/2018)

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