"In the real world, a job has a salary range--based on title, experience, location, education level. A postive attitude doesn´t matter." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“In the real world, a job has a salary range–based on title, experience, location, education level. A postive attitude doesn´t matter.”

“In the real world, a job has a salary range–based on title, experience, location, education level. A postive attitude doesn´t matter.”

“It does if I want to keep my job”, the writer responds, “I smile a lot.”

“Yeah–that´s kinda creepy.  I´m mostly wondering what you are thinking.  But, back to the topic, there are criteria upon which the salary range is calculated, based on a mean average in the industry.  Dorinto has a high standard of living so you´ll get a job that pays well, but after factoring in the cost of living here, you´ll not have much less.

You´ll think that you´re rich when you see the money you get, but after you spend it on expenses, you´ll be eating off the 10 peso menu.

Of course, in this range, you can look at factors upon which move the needle to what you will be paid–or can expect to make.  So is it better to live in a cheap area with an average salary or a high salary in an expensive city–from experience, if you have a family and life partner, a cheaper area will give you a richer life, although you will have less options upon how you spend your time.

Still there is something about determining your salary range on tangible numbers, not speculation, positive demeanor, or if you are a hard worker.

I think being a hard worker is the biggest liability to a person in the workforce–nothing turns people off more then the person that makes others look bad.  Nothing will get your coworkers wanting to push you out the door more then showing your greatness.  There is something to be said about the person that can delegate his work–form a strong sense of team where each person respects and encourages each other´s success.  If I give you work and you make me look bad, I´ll prob have to fire you so that I can save face.”

“I want you to look good.”

“Well then–kinda don´t write your 500-800 word article TOO well.”

“I´m not sensitive–but I want people to keep thinking that I´m the boss and that I´m the best writer here.  That ensures that people will keep coming around–we´ll both have work moving forward.  You may be the best–but, you´ll soon end up on a team of 1; and, prob unemployed quickly.

We don´t want the best–we want what´s going to be best for the business moving forward. 

Include a couple typos in your words, and don´t say anything that´s going to be TOO profound–let me be the head honcho around here, and we´ll both be well, and get along just fine.”

“So you want me to tank my article?”

“No–I just want you to be aware that your salary, what we´re going to pay you, is hingent on specific tangible things–but your positive attitude and can-do attitude is not welcome around here; I´ll end your career and you´ll get a reputation where you won´t get anymore work.”

“Make you look good?”

“That´s all there is to it.”

“Oh! One other thing–don´t think too much.  This job is not your life´s work–instead spend some time getting your life in order where someone would willingly want to spend time with you.  If you have a good home life, you´ll probably be an average worker–we keep average workers around a long time.  It´s called a career–or haven´t been fired yet!”

“If I have a career, then I can buy a house?”

“Yes–but not on Dorinto ´cause it´s hella expensive here.  But you can rent a small apartment for you and your 2.5 children.”

“What does that mean–2.5 children?”

“You know”, I reply as I take a sip from my taza and set it down, “we don´t really know.”

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