I turn my head from the ruckus. "So", HR asks as she sips the soda, "what was that about?" » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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I turn my head from the ruckus. “So”, HR asks as she sips the soda, “what was that about?”

I turn my head from the ruckus. “So”, HR asks as she sips the soda, “what was that about?”

“Probably another girlteam causing problems”, I reply as I reach into the bag of palomitas.

I put a handful in my mouth; these are excellent!

Continuing, “you know since they made HAKI free, we´ve had these roaming hordes of girlteams causing problems–harassing men and punch boys in the 

“So”, HR replies as she stands up from the park bench, “what are we going to do today?”

“You know”, I reply as I stand up, “I was thinking that we could go down to the park and rent a small boat. I haven´t done that in forever!”

“That sounds nice.”

“I think so.”

Out of nowhere, a girlteam emerges around us.

“Give me your money”, she says, “or the poodle gets it.”

She extends her arms to show a small dog in her hands.

“Oh man”, I reply as I take a step back, “um… I have 50 pesos.”

She pulls the poodle back.

“Take the money, Susie.”

I grab a bill from my pocket; I hand it over.  She grabs it and stuffs it into her pocket.

HR and I take a step back; the girlteam disperses.  I turn to HR.

“You see”, I say as I put my hands in my pockets, “those girlteams are bandits.”

HR turns her head to me.

“So the park it is?”

“Sure”, I reply as I zip up my hoodie, “it´s cold today.”


“So”, my wife asks as I sit down at the kitchen table, “how was your day with HR?”

“You know”, I reply as I reach over for a bag of digitalpapitas, “it was nice.  We rented a small boat for 30-minutes then went for a walk over to the BMX track.  They had a race today–I picked up a t-shirt.”

“That´s cool”, she replies.

“Around the 17th point”, I tell the class as I turn the lights on the auditorium, “we started to really develop and hone the skill of telepathy.  It was simple, ultimately; small cues and miniscule movements of the body were recorded and messages were translated into digitalspeak; from these, the message, basically, was conveyed to the recipient; it was about the audience and about the message; communication is about translating an idea into a form that can be understood; we tried with animals–my cat was a test subject, at first.  In time, we were able to really perfect the means by which communication could transpire without verbal speak.”

I shrug; my wife gets the message, nearly, instantly.

You´re doing great, she thinks back to me, just stick with it.

I rub my right ear; a hand goes up in the audience.

“What does it mean when you rub your right ear?”

I pause; this is the challenge.

“Nothing”, I reply as I lean forward and pick up my taza, “I just have an iche on my right ear. It doesn´t mean anything.  But, it´s an interesting thought how the message can be misinterpreted–how we can see what we want to or misunderstand the random as intentional.  I mean, it´s great that an acorn falls in the woods and hits you on the head as you go for your afternoon walk–but science.  Gravity and chance must be considered as well–the best plan in the world can fall because of something as simple as a flat tire.  In life, you really need to not just consider what you want to do–what you plan will happen–but also be aware that probability says that there are many variables to consider which makes the guaranteed just one outcome.

I can give you the winning lottery numbers–but are they for a drawing in the future or past.  

Time and circumstance must be considered–what´s the point of having the winning lottery numbers for a ticket you didn´t buy for the drawing that happened yesterday.  I´m not saying to have an element of chance in your life–but don´t gamble with what you can´t afford to lose.  Maybe take a loss today, if it sets you up for a better situation tomorrow–you can eat steak everyday, or just wait, and, do your thing, then when the opportunity or situation is right, then go for it.  I mean–don´t live a life of pleasure now, and put off the pain for later. Tomorrow is just a day away.”

“Yeah”, the student replies, “I don´t know what you´re talking about. So, like, is there a quiz or test on this material?”