"I´m thinking of a road trip", HR says as she leans back in the chair in the kitchen. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“I´m thinking of a road trip”, HR says as she leans back in the chair in the kitchen.

“I´m thinking of a road trip”, HR says as she leans back in the chair in the kitchen.

She reaches over and grabs the bag of papitas; this shit is fucking delicious!

“Well”, she continues as she puts a handful in her mouth, “you know in the spacejet… like heading over to visit Planet QNEB for the weekend with some friends.”

“That sounds great!”, I reply as I hit play on the coffeemaker, “you want to borrow the spacejet–right?”

“Can I, dad?”

“Yeah, sure, why not?”

I pull a chair out from the kitchen table; sit down; reach over and grab the bag of papitas.

“Hey”, I say as I get up from my chair, “we´re out of papitas.  I´m going to the store to buy papitas.”

I pause; I turn my head to look out the window; there´s 3 hummingbirds today. I take a step towards the hallway.

“You need anything, HR?”

She pauses; should I tell him about my grades?

“Yeah”, she replies, “we´re out of soda.”


I close the front door; it´s cold today. I zip up my jacket; scroll my pants to the hot setting; hit play; moments later, my digitaltrousers are warmed; I take a left towards the abbarotes.

“And”, Ginje asks, “that´s the last time that you saw him?”

“Yeah”, HR replies, “he was hit in the crosswalk.”

She pauses; why´s everyone want to know? She reaches for the bag of papitas in the dorm room,

“I put together this computer simulation to remember him. It plays different scenarios–it´s my little way of keeping in touch.”

“I´m sorry, HR”, Ginje replies as she puts her hand on her shoulder.

“You know”, she replies as she puts a handful of papitas in her mouth, “it happens.”

“Yeah”, Ginje replies as she picks up her bookbag, “I´m sorry.”

She leaves; closes the door.

“This is Day 1”, HR thinks as she gets up from her chair at her little aluminum desk.

She picks up her bookbag; let´s see how this semester goes.

She takes a step towards the hallway; she turns her head back to her computer.

Here we go.

She turns her head back to the hallway; she closes the door in her dorm room; locks the door; moments later, she´s outside in the fall air as people scurry around on their way to their respective classes; the first day of classes is always the craziest–then…. well then… you just get into a routine and into the swing of things… you just start….

Her digitaltelephone vibrates; a message has come in.

We have some good news.

She smiles; she hits reply; she starts typing.

This afternoon?

The message is sent; in 2.0398 nanoseconds, the reply comes in.

“So HR”, my wife replies, “you are sure that you are going to be responsible with the spacejet?”

“Yeah”, she replies as she picks up the digitalkeys, “of course!”

She puts them in her pocket; moments later, she´s in the spacejet. She hits play and the machine starts; the CD starts playing in the vehicle.  She smiles.

He did care.

She shifts the drive setting to 1; the vehicle starts lifting off the ground slowly; she reclines the driver´s seat; she turns up the volume on the song.

“So how´d it go?”, my wife asks her, “you´re first day back in the spacejet?”

She pauses; it has been HOW long???

“It went well”, she replies as she pulls the chair out from the table in the kitchen.

“Hey”, my wife says.

She pauses; should I tell her about the news?

HR turns her head to her; should I tell her about my grades?

I take a step into the kitchen; why the long faces?

HR turns her head to me.

“Dad!”, she says as she gets up from her, “you´re back!”

“Yeah”, I reply as I pull a chair out from the kitchen table, “I was only gone 17.2967 days?”

I pause; I wonder what´s going on in my favorite show?

“Hey”, I ask HR as I sit down and reach over for the papitas, “what did I miss in the show?”

“Oh!”, she replies as she leans back in her chair, “sooo much!”

“Here´s your coffee”, my wife says as she places the taza on the table in front of me.

I recline my chair.