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“Well @Susanarte.L… apparently the population of Dorinto is 415 and @Susanarte.L.” {Part 3}

“Well @Susanarte.L… apparently the population of Dorinto is 415 and @Susanarte.L.” {Part 3}

I hit pausethis shit is fucking hilarious!

I know, right!, my wife thinks back to me–just wait to see what happens!

I hit play; the VCR powers on and then off. I check the batteries in the digital remote–looks good. I try another set–it´s the same. I get off the couch and walk over to the antique machine. I hit my palm against the side like I saw in that one movie, you know…. It turns back on. The episode starts playing again.

“Well… if you don´t like what I´m doing in my cubicle why don´t you tell your robot… I mean the supervisor?”

“Look Susanarte.L…. I´m not trying to be mean but HAKI is not appropriate at this time.”

“Well I don´t think your face is appropriate but you don´t hear me saying anything.”

“Let´s cut to the chase, S. I think you have a problem. You know that HAKI is not really what´s going on? I´m just saying–you don´t go to a dentist when you break your leg, right?”

“Yeah, maybe I do? Why can´t a dentist fix a broken leg–maybe they do both there? Maybe the dentist is my husband and I need to get my insurance card? I think that you are making a big deal out of too much–I think that you need to take a look at your home life. What´s going on there? You and your wife haven´t been talking much on the digitaltelephone–you don´t think that´s strange?”

“You know–this is not therapy. I have bills to pay–I need this job.  I don´t think that you understand what it´s like to be me, though?”

“I know that you are talking instead of working right now.”

“Yeah”, I say as I continue typing on the digitalkeyboard, “yeah.”

I hit pause on the digitalkeyboard on the couch–there is a point to that. I recline the seat; moments later, I´m asleep.

I wake up; that was refreshingAF.

I turn my head to the kitchen.

“HR–what are you doing?”

“There was only a little soda left”, she replies as she sets the empty container on the wooden table.

She pulls out a chair.  Sitting down, she reaches over and grabs the tape.

“Hey”, she says as she turns her head to me, “I hope you don´t mind but I printed off a poster to put up in my dorm room in college. It looks cool!”

I turn my head to her–did she use all the fucking digitaltoner, again?

“You know”, I reply as I turn my head back to the TV, “toner ain´t free.”

“No”, she replies as she flips over the paper and places the tape on the edge, “it´s cool, yo!”

“It´s annoying”, I reply as I turn up the volume on the TV.

I recline the chair.  Moments later, I´m asleep.

“Hey dad”, she says as she lifts the assembled poster from the kitchen table, “what do you think about this?”

She turns her head to me–oh no, he´s asleep. She gets up from the chair in the kitchen–quiet.

She takes a step to leave.  She turns her head back to me.

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