"I´ld kinda prefer if you don´t like me and stay away--I mean life´s hard and I got it handled so let it, me, go." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“I´ld kinda prefer if you don´t like me and stay away–I mean life´s hard and I got it handled so let it, me, go.”

“I´ld kinda prefer if you don´t like me and stay away–I mean life´s hard and I got it handled so let it, me, go.”

“Where are you going?”, the writer asks as he shuffles in his seat, “are we supposed to be going on a trip?”

“Oh no–it was metaphorical.  It was just to say that I´m doing well and I would prefer space.  Like keep to the writing for your work, our job, and keep to your family when you are done.  Your family needs you and loves you–leave me alone and go home.  I mean not like literally go home.  But, instead of spending energy on developing our friendship–which I´m really not into–look at creating a safe, loving and accepting home life.  I think that will cure most ills.

“So if I´m happy at home my life will be great?”

“I´m not saying that–but if you dread going home or being at home, your life will suffer.  Support at home is key to business and career success–if you want to stick around here and keep working, spend some QUALITY time with you family.  Get to know what makes them unique–what do they life to eat?”


“Well that´s obvious´cause it´s so tasty. But, what kind of pizza–what are there favorite toppings? More importantly, what should you always leave off the pizza? Favorite type?”

“Oh–I don´t know.  I just normally get the cheap one and then that´s it.”

“Investments in your family will pay dividends in your whole life–in all aspects of your life, you will become richer.”

“Is that true?”

“I don´t know–but it sounds good?”

“Sometimes I like to take my girlfriend on mysteries with me”, the writer remarks as he takes a sip of his coffee.

“I mean that´s great–I guess.  But, when she´s alone or by herself–what does she like to do? What does she watch on the TV or eat when she gets some quality time alone?  Look there–don´t bring her to where you are, but instead meet her where she is.  Go to her–learn about her.  It is not about knowing 5 facts about her, but instead having a basis of understanding in who she is as a unique person.”

“She likes to dance to music videos on the digitalTV.”

“Be with her–don´t control her, but give her space to be herself.  She´ll grow; you´ll grow; you´ll mature; the relationship will mature–you´ll become close. You don´t have to dance with her, per se, but through your actions and your sense that everything is ok–you´ll give her space and a feeling that it is ok to be her; that you accept her how she is.  She is ok.”

“But, she is?”

“Show her by letting go.”

“What will she do?”

“Whatever she wants?”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“You´ll have to find out.”

“What if she leaves?”

“She leaves.”

“What if she stays?”

“She´ll be next to you.”

“So I don´t have to dance.”

“Let it go–so she can find, develop and express herself, safely and in a secure environment; maybe that´s all anyone ever wants? To be let go.”

“I think she´ll leave.”

“You don´t know–that´s the point.  You are looking at the situation through fear–love lets go.  Love is content with the person as they are; it makes no demands and does not try to control.”

“So just let go.”

“The interesting thing is that when you let go of someone–they fly.”


“Yeah–prob not literally.  But, in essence, letting go of someone, who you think or want them to be, is all you can do for them towards their success.”

“Understand them, also?”

“Yes–view them as a unique person; an interdependent entity.  As you give someone the power to be who they are, they will become who they are.”