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“I´m sorry, but, you´re invading my personal space, and, you can´t eat HAKI. {Part 1}

“I´m sorry, but, you´re invading my personal space, and, you can´t eat HAKI. {Part 1}

Susanarte.L–it´s 26am, and it´s Wednesday.

I hit pause on the digitalremote; this is my favorite part, yo! I hit play on the digitalremote. The VCR starts playing the tape again.

“Well if it´s going to be that kind of party, I´m going to go home.”

I chuckle; will this ever get old?

My digitaltelephone vibrates; again? I check the message.

What do I do now?

I pause; this is going to be difficult…


I send it; he gets the message, nearly, instantly, on his digitaltelephone. Moments later, my device vibrates.

But, I don´t understand.

I yawn; and, repeat. I start typing the response.

Yup, just get used to it. You´re going to have to learn how to not do anything. 

I pause; any suggestions?

Do this: look for the most perfect song and hit play; see where it goes: it´s called curiousity; suspense in what happens next–like a movie, but, in your real life! Try it, and then, repeat, when, you need a pause; there´s value not just in doing–but also in not doing. Right? In enjoying the suspense, of what comes next, where does it go, and, how it is going to sound–like the future–you are so certain of where things go–but, are you? Look there, yo!

I pause; oh, I actually have a good idea.  I start searching the web; embed it in the message; maybe, this will work for him?

I hit play on my digitaltelephone; the message is sent.

Are you still writing?, my wife thinks to me, you really need to stop that.

I know, right!

The response comes in, moments later.

I enjoyed the song.

I pause; I smile; I turn my head to the window; I type the response.

I know, right!

So, now what do I do?

I pause; hmmm….

Can you tell me what you would do?

I pause; hope this helps!

Moments later, my digitaltelephone vibrates.

Huh? I don´t know what you mean.

I pause; where is this going to go?

Tell me: what do you NEED or HAVE to do? What are your responsibilities? What is it that you WANT to do today? 

I don´t have any. Maybe grab a coffee?

I pause; that does sound nice; I turn my head to the coffeemaker; choices, choices; I type the response on my digitaltelephone

I´m in the middle of something–can we go tomorrow?

I hit play on the device; he gets the response, nearly, instantly on his device. Moments later, I get the message.

Yeah, that sounds great!

I pause; I turn my head to the window; look down at my digitaltelephone; I look at the refrigerator; I look to the window in the kitchen; I get up from my chair; I open the sliding glass door and take a step onto the patio; I sit down in the wrought iron chair; the breeze from the ocean makes me think of… well it makes me think of;

My digitaltelephone vibrates.

You sure you can´t do anything today?

I pause; I LITERALLY have no clue how to respond; I type the response.

Yeah–I´m busy. So what song are you listening to now?

I hit play on my device; the response arrives in 3.0278 nanoseconds.

Inertia Creeps

It´s a good song, too, right?, I type on my digitaltelephone.

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