"When you don`t say anything; when you are complacent; when you justify, you are an accomplice." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“When you don`t say anything; when you are complacent; when you justify, you are an accomplice.”

“When you don`t say anything; when you are complacent; when you justify, you are an accomplice.”

I turn my my head back to the writer.

“So”, I reply as I turn to look out the window, “you think that the waiter is just as responsible as you for witnessing your biscotti robbery from my plate and not saying anything?”

“I’m not saying that he is AS guilty, but I mean let’s look at facts.¨

“I think that the facts of this situation say that ‘you took the biscotti and you are looking to pawn off blame.’¨

“That’s an interesting hypothenus, but I think that you are mistaken.”

“Pretty sure you wanted to say something else–but let’s look at the case, shall we?”

“I simply took 1 biscotti off your plate while you were in the bathroom.”

I turn my head back to the psychiatrist.

“You know”, I say as I spin my phone in my hand, “it’s just like the same situation–and repeat?”

“I know what you mean”, he says as he rolls his eyes.

“I mean”, I continue talking as I put my phone back in my pocket, “you know… I just can’t seem to get a break.  I mean–I do everything right?”

“Well”, he replies as he turns back to the computer and starts typing, “consider taking a performance based approach to your life–where are you weak? What areas do you need to address? You really want to start getting a couple 10´s on the board to increase your personal efficiacy, and your sense of self worth.”

“I’m not very good at juggling.”

“You know”, he replies as he turns his head back to me, “that’s definetly an area to look at–but, consider the low hanging fruits what small changes can make an, instant, impact?”

“I like pants.”

“Well that’s great–I guess”, he says as he rolls his eyes again, “but what if you got some cool athletic shorts–you know, like you are about to go run a marathon or climb a mountain?  Maybe having that mindset, that you are always ready for an adventure, could help turn around your sense of self–develop a mental stability that no matter what comes your way, in life, you are going to conquer it?”

“I like pants.”

“Yes, we have established that–but, I think it may be time for a change.”

“I know what you mean”, I reply as I look down at my shoes, “maybe I should get a sweat pair of shoes, also?”

“Whoa!!! Hold it tiger. The point is not to have an excuse to spend money–but, instead to look at changes that count.  It would be easy to replace brocoli and digitalzanahorias in your dinner–but, would that really have much impact, overall, on your well being.”

“I like pants.”

“Yes, that has been clearly established–try shorts.  You may enjoy it?”

“I’ll give it a go.”

“I would ask nothing more of you–just try.”

“Do you think that I’ll enjoy it?”

“Well, it’s just shorts–so I`m not really sure what you’re talking about.”

“Oh right, shorts. Got it!”

I wink at the psychiatrist; goooottttt ittttt.

“Ok”, he replies as he shakes his head, “that is literal–not sure what you are talking about. Anyways, I think our session is complete now so I’ll see you next week.”

“I would like to stop therapy.”

“I’ll let you know when.”