"I´m sorry but I´m not allowed to have feelings for you", the man says as he sips his coffee. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“I´m sorry but I´m not allowed to have feelings for you”, the man says as he sips his coffee.

“I´m sorry but I´m not allowed to have feelings for you”, the man says as he sips his coffee.

I pause; why not?

“Why not?”, I ask as I pick up my taza.

“Well”, he replies as he sets his coffee down, “it´s just… it´s just–one of those things.”

I turn my head to look out the bay window in the cafe; there´s 19 surfers today–hope there´s a big swell tonight when I got my board!

“So”, I continue talking as I pick up my biscotti, “what do you propose that we do?”

“Well”, he says as he leans back in his chair, “I have an idea–here me out.”

I pause; was this going to be another person selling their crap to get me to enroll in THOSE programs?

“Ok”, I say as I lean back in my chair, “I´m listening.”

HR takes a step into the cafe; finally going to check out with the fuss is about!

She turns her head to me; no way!

“Dad!”, she says as she grabs her boyfriend´s hand and takes a step towards me, “what are you doing here?”

I turn my head back to the man; I pick up my coffee and take a sip; setting it down, I get up from my chair and turn around to her; we hug.

“I´ld like to introduce you to my prospective business partner”, I say as I turn back to the man.

He gets up from his chair; he reaches his hand out; HR and him shakes hands.

“Nice to meet you”, HR says as she pulls a chair out at our table.

“And”, I tell my wife as I sip the hot coffee in the kitchen in my house, “HR showed up at the cafe during my meeting.”

“Oh!”, she replies as she puts the digitalzanahorias into the microwave, “how´d it go?”

I pause; my wife hits play on the machine; the tray starts turning.

“It was nice”, I say as I lean back in my chair, “we had a reallly nice time.  I don´t think that I´m going to partner up with him, but I really enjoyed what he was doing.  I wished him luck–that´s about it.”

“Cool”, she replies, “so hey this came in the mail today for you.”

She hands me the cardboard box; why does he keep buying these things?

I open it up; there´s a VCR tape in it; I love the smell of new VCR tapes.

Well, I think it´s creepy, my wife thinks back to me, but that´s your thing.

I pause; I set the tape on the table; I set the box down; hey–wait–there´s a letter here.

I pick it up; squinting, I can barely read it; I put on my glasses.

What´s it say?, my wife thinks to me.

“Good luck! HR”

“Aww”, she says as she takes the digitalzanahorias out of the microwave, “see… she does care.”

I smile; thanks, I think to no one.

“So”, my wife says as she puts the platter on the table, “are you going to watch it tonight?”

I pause; I don´t really know.

“Yeah”, I say as I pick up a spoon and scoop the hot vegetables on to my plate.