"I don´t want friendship; I don´t want to hang; I want ice cream ´cause there´s a heat wave." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“I don´t want friendship; I don´t want to hang; I want ice cream ´cause there´s a heat wave.”

“I don´t want friendship; I don´t want to hang; I want ice cream ´cause there´s a heat wave.”

“Yeah”, I reply as I lean back in my chair at the cafe at the beach, “it´s hot.”

“I want an ice cream of chocolate chip cookie dough–2 scoops. No toppings.”

“You´re quiet specific”, I say as I turn my head to look out the window, “there´s 19 surfers today.”

“Yes”, the waiter responds as he hands me my taza of coffee, “I´m a man that knows what he wants–I don´t want it in a cone. I want it on a little plate or in a container.”

“Ok”, I say as I shake my head, “you clearly have thought this out.”

“I´m not saying that I´ve spent restless nights considering the conditions of my ice cream–but let´s look at facts.  If you don´t know what you want, you surely won´t get it.”

“Are you still talking about ice cream?”

“I would like it to be really cold too–I don´t want it to melt.”

“Yes”, I reply as I turn my head to the waiter, “ice cream normally is cold.”

“Clearly, but I mean… like really cold.”

“Well I´m hardly the man to stop you on this dream–how can I help?”

“There´s nothing you can do–but, I think that verbalizing it helps it come to fruition.  What happens to a dream deferred, after all?”

“I heard a rumor that it pops.”

“I don´t have a time frame–it´s just something that I want to think about.”

“I hear you”, I reply as I take a sip of coffee from the taza, “there´s something to be said for small dreams that are easily obtainable–that you can take definite action towards, but, also, aren´t deep or grandiose where you lose yourself, or get off the ground.”

“Two feet on the ground and a scoop of ice cream in my mouth”, he replies as he smiles.

“Yeah, I think you may be talking about something else–but that sounds like a nice dream.”

“I am a man of ambition–I think that moving towards this will help me with my larger, more aggressive, goals and dreams, making progress on this is an easy way to get the ball rolling–then momentuem moves me forward.”

“It may be the action that starts the ball rolling–once you get those balls moving, you are unstoppable towards what you truly want.”

“Ice cream is what I truly want–don´t be confused.  It is something that I want–at this point, I want to stop thinking of the big picture and look at just in this moment, what is missing.  What is something that I can get, right now?  What´s the point of beating yourself up with unobtainable desires–what is the value of being connected with this moment; to put the blinders on to the world, and, instead, to develop focus on something physical–something that you can touch, taste, smell?  With all the digital telephones and such, it is important, I think, to keep in touch with the physical, actual, world.  Connect with matter–stay grounded in matter.

“That sounds profound.”

“I would do nothing less.”

“Oh!”, the writer says as he returns from the bathroom, “you two were having a conversation?”

“No”, I reply as I take a sip of coffee and set down my taza, “simply a passing moment.”

“Speaking of passing”, he replies as he picks up his coffee and takes a sip, “your new assignment–I´ve decided to pass on.  I don´t think that I can write 5,000 words on the history of domesticated digitalcats on Planet OMWB.”

“Too bad”, I reply as I turn my head to the writer, and then the waiter, “I had great hopes.”

The writer turns his head to me; then, turns his head to the waiter.

“It was a bullshit assignment, right?”

I chuckle.

“Of course! Everyone knows that Planet OMWB has no domesticated cats, yet!”