"We really need to talk", HR says as she puts the pamphlet on the kitchen table. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“We really need to talk”, HR says as she puts the pamphlet on the kitchen table.

“We really need to talk”, HR says as she puts the pamphlet on the kitchen table.

I pick it up; interesting.

7 Steps Out Of Not Writing A Blog

I turn my head to look out the window; back to the small book; I open it up.

How To Write A Blog

Looks boring as fuck.

I flip to the Table Of Contents.

Chapter 1: Notebook In Private In Bedroom

Chapter 2: Share With Therapist or a Professional

Chapter 3: Ethics/Morality–is it right?

Chapter 4: Rediscovering Principles To Apply Today

Chapter 5: Conclusion: Next Step.

Chapter 6: Minding YOUR Business Like A Garden

Chapter 7: The Case For Science

Writing Ideas

Well, the last one looks interesting.

I strum through the pages; ok, now we’re talking.

Writing Ideas

➡ When you leave–who takes your place?

➡ An individual is not necessarily one–Marriage To Your Business Partner

➡ You can do it, but is it the right thing to do? Ethics In Our Modern Society

➡ The power of I Don’t Know, Yes?, and Well, How Can We Move Forward? Getting Out Of Deep Mud In A Car–Spinning Wheels.

➡ If an invention will eventually become obsolete–is it needed? Is it the right time? Teleportation To Your Present Moment.

➡ Three people argue–everyone is correct. How can this occur? A Note On Your Perspective & Experiences.

➡ Thinking outside the box–doing in the box. A Note About Working Constraints; On The Margin.

“Yeah”, I reply to HR as I set the book pamphlet back on the kitchen table, “whatever.”

HR slides the pamphlet on the table towards me, again: look again.

I turn my head back down to the kitchen table.

I see it!

“Oh!”, I say as read the author, “you wrote this?”

“Yeah”, she replies as she reaches over and picks it up from the kitchen table, “in my creative writing class in school. You like it?”

“We’re so proud of you”, my wife says as she opens the refrigerator.

She takes out the digitalzanahorias and turkey legs; puts them in the microwave; hits play; moments later, the kitchen is filled with delicious smells; she sets the food on the table; we start eating.

“It was a relatively uneventful night”, I say to the doctor in his small office.

“Ok”, he replies as he types the notes on the computer.

I reach into my bookbag; I pull out the small pamphlet and hand it to him; this is what she wrote.

He flips through the pages.

When I started writing first, I picked up one of the those black & white composition books from the store. I took it home. Sat down at my desk. Started writing. I forget if I threw out the first notebook or tore out the pages. It was NOT great. Eventually, with guidance, I got to a point where I thought

This is not bad.

That would lead to my first blog entry: ultimately, it would lead me to writing a blog.

It’s ok, the doctor thinks back to me, we can go with this.

“Do you want it included in the curriculm?”, he asks me.

“If you think that it’s good enough”, I reply as I lean back in the chair in the office.

“So”, he continues to me, “do you want to keep writing or is this good?”