"We need new moving pictures to combat the #ignoraciaAF of the GMNBT", I tell the congressional panel at the #deposicionAF, Yo. #racismoAF » yghm.me
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“We need new moving pictures to combat the #ignoraciaAF of the GMNBT”, I tell the congressional panel at the #deposicionAF, Yo. #racismoAF

“We need new moving pictures to combat the #ignoraciaAF of the GMNBT”, I tell the congressional panel at the #deposicionAF, Yo. #racismoAF

“Racism doesn’t exist”, I say as the hearing starts on the fate of the captured GMNBT.

The crowd mumbles; this is obviously BULLSHIT, I think that they are thinking; I’m wrong.

“Let me continue”, I recline my chair a bit and adjust my tie, “we know what the moving pictures show us. Has anyone lived with the GMNBT?”

The judge bangs the gavel; she wants order in her court of public options, I think; let’s give it to them, I think and my wife gets the message on her videotelepathy device, nearly, instantly.

“When we first met the GMNBT”, I say as I sit upright, “we first saw their video through the videotelepathy device, now we have met them. Do these congruent images match up? Or, were they just telling us what they think we want to see?”

“So what are you proposing. That we spare them?”, the judge asks as he scans the unruly crowd.

“How’d the congressional hearing deposition go?”, HR asks as I enter the house, that night.

“Eh”, I continue, “I think they bought it. Are you sure you are comfortable dating a GMNBT?”

“I love him, dad”, HR says as she flicks her phone open to show the background picture of the GMNBT.

“That’s not the question”, I continue, “are you sure that this is what you want?”

“Yes”, HR replies, “of course, I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.”

“Is this going to be like the time you tried to stop #HAKI and instead started sneaking it behind our backs?”, I quiz HR as I sit down at the kitchen table, “is this a wish or who you are?”

“This is who I am. You know that we’ve been friends and in each otehr’s lives for some years now. I can’t imagine it any other way?”

I sit down in the chair in the living room; Poindexter pick a movie to watch, I think and the TV turns on and starts playing.

Pick a new movie, I think to Poindexter and the TV changes to a different station; this subjective organic-computational playlist programming based on the climate and psychosomatic conditions in the space is BRILLIANT for deciding the perfect moving pictures for the situational moment, I think to HR and she gets the message, nearly, instantly.

I recline the chair; can’t believe I slept all night in the reclining chair in the living room, I think; still got a good night sleep, I message to my wife to let her know that my insomnia has been cured; somewhat, my wife videotelepathy responds, sometime, it will come back?

“Are you watching the movie too, HR?”, I ask HR as I hear rumblings in the kitchen.

“Nah, dad”, HR replies as I hear a cupboard door shut, “just looking to see if there’s anymore #HAKI in the house.”

“Bottom shelf left”, I call out to HR.

This movie’s getting good, I think through the videotelepathy device to my wife, you seen it before?

Yeah, it’s one of my favs, my wife thinks back.

Hey can you pick up some #HAKI on your way home from work?, I think to my wife.

I’m going to pick something else up for you, she replies as I start to blush, if you know, what I mean?

She’s going to pick up some steak and potatos, I think to myself.

I SIGH… I really do love this movie.

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