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Life Experiments

Life Experiments >>


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Manufacture urgency (12/2/2014)

Yo – Straight up.

Not sure how much longer I have

I live in a dangerous part of the city,  my house doesn’t have bars on it, I have to be Aware that everyone knows who I am >>

For reference, I haven’t seen another white person in months (Besides one dude at the supermarket a couple weeks ago)

So Why Am I Here?

Great Question!

Why Not?

Look at the benefits >>

I’ve (since moving here)

  1. Released a 39 song debut album
  2. Performed the first 10 songs from it in a 48 minute concert
  3. Written nearly 40-50 new blog posts
  4. Turned that into a new memoir
  5. Taking an eBook that sold 1 copy into a #1 Amazon Bestseller
  6. Then turned it into a 400 page paperback
  7. Started a record label
  8. Paid my rent, utilities and started a store with royalties from that record label
  9. Created a publishing company (For the book and memoir)
  10. Formed a C Corporation
  11. Taught myself corporate law to transition that said C Corporation into a S Corporation
  12. Made it compliant

It’s Been 5 1/2 months.

Manufacture a sense of Urgency >>

I’ll Keep You posted if I Stay Here (AKA SUPER PRODUCTIVITY) or If I Go To A Different Area.

For Now, The PROS Way outweigh the Cons.

Also, Putting together 3 courses: Psychology, Rapid Language Acquisition and Basic Achievement Strategy.

I Couldn’t do this ALL If I didn’t have a sense of Urgency.

Take a step towards the unknown in a direction of a dream >> How’s that feel?


Yes, I Know. That’s What I Do basically Every Day.

It’s an Addiction.

Addiction: Attraction to a feeling.

It Feels Good To live this life; I Am excited when I wake up; I FUCKING Love Mondays.

I Do Want you to feel this sensation

Feel this greatest of sensations; Feel Alive.


“Strength is in control” (12/3/2014)

The other side of “Lifestyle Design”

Been right at one year living in Tijuana; haven’t Been to the US in many weeks.

Overall – Shit Is Fucking AWESOME

Want to share a couple realities though – To show that it’s not all rose tinted glasses

  1. Was the victim of an armed robbery in a dark alley about 2 months after moving here (had local taqueria keep an eye on me for the next month after that when I had to walk through the alley)
  2. Was Hit by a car running a red light (I Broke 4 Bones in my hand and couldn’t bend my knee properly for over 2 months – took a taxi yto the US where I limped a mile to a hotel to monitor my injuries for several days)
  3. Witnessed a man being taken into an empty house followed by another man with a sledgehammer (Didn’t Have the number for police >> Or Know how to call them. We Since have solved this problem)
  4. Had the house on lock down (All Doors and Windows locked, plus curtains drawn while we held the phone in our hands)
  5. Regularly have to pawn the TV or/and the tablet to keep food on the table, cigarettes and coffee. (Always buy back A Week Later)

Would I Change Things???

Well Yes, obviously.

Has It Changed Me?

Yes, Without A Doubt.

So tonight, I was driving home listening to the new Slipknot Song (FUCKING CRANKING IT. YO)

When I Thought?


I actually have to tone down my Badassness on Twitter and Social Media.

I Actually Hold Back A LOT >> LIKE A FUCK LOAD.

“Strength is in control” << Not sure if anyone else said that << But, It’s What I Think about a lot.

Yo – True Strength is having Control of yourself.

So While, there is good and bad to Living Here (Because Yo, that’s How Life Is)

How’s It Going? Good And Bad >> No Single Point Response to a Dynamic Life

I Keep Myself in control of myself >> Or, more clearly, my response to external stimuli.

Because, While you (I) may find myself In A Shit Situation. Or A Great Situation – Claro que si

Yo – Have control of yourself and your response.

That is strength, And How You keep going >> Choose Your Focus

The Lost Art of Anticipation AKA Make Yourself Valuable (12/7/2014)

There’s A gas Station I go to a lot –  Is it because of their advertisements??

Because of their color scheme??

Because of the font they use??

Did they A/B test their name??

Perhaps –

I Don’t Know.

But More importantly

The Reason I Go there is because of the location

It’s the last gas station before the highway.

If As if it’s saying,

“Hey, you are about too do some driving. I Already know that. You’ re going to need something to drink for the road.”

It’s Anticipation

Works at Work




It Comes from both intuition but also understanding.

In 7 Habits by Stephen Covey he talks about understanding – Before being understood


For example,

When a person decides they want to break free from their job

They look at starting their own

It’s New, there are legal headaches, it’s scary

Be that gas station – Say, I already know and I’m anticipating

Can I _______

And Actual offer something that has value to the person

Perhaps the Exact Information that need (Things they didn’t even realize they needed)

Here’s a script:

A person wants to go to Tijuana (Where I’m Living)

They are going to be nervous/unsure/scared/timid/confused << Probably a Fucking Little Bit of All that

So I say, Can I Teach you the ropes via email for $29.99?

A person can say Yes or No – It’s Cool

And In A Nutshell that is anticipation,  response, and how we are marketing.

We are teaching solutions to problems you’re not Even Aware of.

1 Part Critical Thinking

1 Part Understanding

1 Part Giving



“Can + I/We + Desired Action?” (12/13/2014)

I Forgot If I Read It Somewhere, Or Maybe I Made It Up

Not Sure – Not Important


Is This New Phrase I’ve Been Adding To My Vocabulary >>

“Can (I/We/You) (Desired Action)?”

For Example:

“Can you revise this paragraph to be more inline with the other paragraphs?”

“Can you meet later as I’m feeling Tired?”

“Can you clean up before my friend gets here?”

You Get The Mother Fucking Point!!!


People Feel INCLUDED in the decision, Valuable, Equal, Again VALUABLE.

Result >> People will most likely take the desired action

But – Yo, It’s Not Manipulation

You See, if you say –

“I want you to revise this paragraph to …. ”

“Let’s Meet later…”

“Please clean up…”

It is Talking Down to the person – Sure, You may get the desired action – But, it also builds resentment. And Frankly, It sucks to be talked to that way.  It is degrading.  A Person doesn’t have a chance to be heard, and will act out.  You may get the desired reaction on day 1 but not on day 100.

In 7 Habits Stephen Covey talks about building up your production person instead of building up the production.

Another sentence is, “what are you thinking?” << Shows that you value the other person

Yo – It Took Me A long time to understand this – But I’m Understanding Now.

“Can you share this post?”

Keep Rocking, Be AWESOME, Adventure On.

People Just Care About Their Dreams [Your Secret Advantage] (12/21/2014)

So, I was driving around Zona Rio here in Tijuana.

Zona Rio is an upscale part of Tijuana

There are several traffic circle (Which I Really Have Changed My Mind, Are Actually FUCKING AWESOME)

So, I’m driving through this traffic circle and I get stuck

I could keep going and block the flow of traffic for everyone

Or I could stay Kinda In The Middle and Wait for cars to move before crossing


So I Am Waiting for cars to move before crossing, when I hear


You see there was someone behind me – And They Wanted To Go

I Waited A Little More

Ok, Now I Can Go And There’s A Little Space So I Cross And Sit In The Traffic

Kinda Obscuring the Route, Kinda Out of The Way

Well – Lo And Behold

The Car behind me follows me

But there was only room for one car

So Now, What I Didn’t Want to do, this driver is doing


Because this driver drove across and Now NO ONE Can Use the Traffic Circle

So What’s My Point??

While you may Truly Be Concerned About your customers and people

Your customers are not concerned with you Or More Appropriately

Are Focused On Themselves

And They Know What They Want

Easy, Quick, Keep Moving Forward In Their Respective Lives

So Rather Then Stop Them With A Message About “How 10 Seconds Can Change Your Life”

Sometimes It’s Better To JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY

And Let Them Continue On

They Know Where They Want To Go

Help Them Get There

And Sometimes That Means Getting Out of the Way To Their Success. Yo 😉

Everything can change, today, by starting on THAT.

You're going to get 24 hours today

How will you use it? Do something that matters today, yo!