“Let´s roleplay. I´ll start: Hi, my name´s Bilta. I have no education or experience. I know everything.

“Let´s roleplay. I´ll start: Hi, my name´s Bilta. I have no education or experience. I know everything.

“That´s not fair”, he replies as he leans back in his chair at the cafe by the beach.

“Life´s not fair.” “I think that you are being mean.” “I am”, I reply as I take a sip from my taza, “also–let me continue. I am the most important person in the world.

I pause; that was a good one.

“I…” “I´m not done”, I continue speaking as I set the coffee on the small wooden table, “I constantly have to manipulate or try to control others to get my way. I cry about everything!”

“I don´t.”

“You kinda do”, I say as I lean back in my chair, “it´s called crocodile tears.” “What?” “Yeah, don´t worry about it.” “Ok”, he replies as he leans forward and picks up his coffee, “if it´s going to be that way–I´ll roleplay that I am you.”

“Big shoes to fill”, I say as I chuckle.

“Hi, my name is “Stop”, I exclaim as the waiter rushes over, “I need another coffee–this is going to be great.” “No”, Bilta replies as he turns his head to the waiter turns around to leave, “I´m going to take the high road–I´m not going to stoop down to your level.”

“The view is better here–the weather is nice.”

“So”, he replies as he turns his head to look out the window, “did you want to talk about work?” “You know”, I reply as start tapping my finger on the recliner, “you are a one trick pony–that´s why it´s easy to beat you.  You always redirect the conversation away from personal matters to the important of work.  I can tell when you don´t want to talk about something–I can read you like the reports that you hand into me.”

“It´s just”, he replies as he turns his head to me, “that things at home aren´t great–I really don´t want ot get into it.  I would rather just let it go and instead focus on my job.  At times a distraction helps to move ahead.”

“That was actually pretty intelligent, Bilta.” “Yeah, I know.”

“OMG you´re starting to sound like me!”

“Yeah, I know.” He pauses; he picks up his coffee; he takes a sip. “This coffee is delicious”, he continues speaking as he turns his head to the beach and then back to me.

“Um”, I reply as I lean forward in my recliner, “what are you doing?”

“I´m mimicing you”, he replies as he takes another sip, “it´s annoying right?” “EXTREMELY!!”, I reply as I start tapping my finger again on the recliner.

“Welcome to my life”, he replies as sets his coffee down on the table, “now, you know what it´s like to be around you.”

“You´re being dramatic.” “Yeah, I know.”

“OMG you´re still mimcing me”, I reply as I lean back in the recliner.

“I never mimic.” “So let´s just talk about work”, I reply as I turn my head to lookat the beach; there´s 12 people surfing, 4 people sunbathing, and a dude selling hotdogs.

“Sure things, boss”, Bilta replies as he picks up his coffee.

“We have no work or projects now.” “So what are you going to do about that?”

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