"You know, I agree, that at some level, it´s interesting--but, garbage in, garbage out. You export what you import." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“You know, I agree, that at some level, it´s interesting–but, garbage in, garbage out. You export what you import.”

“You know, I agree, that at some level, it´s interesting–but, garbage in, garbage out. You export what you import.”

“What´s that mean?”, the writer asks as he picks up the stack of paper on the table.

“I´m saying”, I say as I pick up my taza, “that your writing sucks.”

He pauses;  I used Courier New like I thought he liked.

“I mean”, I continue speaking as I set my taza down, “I read most of what you wrote and you didn´t once mention potato–you know that´s our code word, right? Also, where is the deep philosophical and suspectfully intellectual pretend jargon that shows you think you are better then everyone?  I mean–we have 415 people on Dorinto and any of them, possibly even my cat, could have written this junk.  I want you to go back to yesterday and shove this copy up your

“Coffee”, the waiter says as he sets down a taza to the writer, “the gentleman in the corner over there bought you a coffee. He said that it was a thank you.

The writer turns his head to the where the waiter is pointing; he tilts his head; he turns his head back to me.

“So”, he says as he leans back, “what do you propose that we do?”

“Do this”, I say as I pick up my taza and take a sip, “go back to the spacejet; put the destination to prior to starting writing this; start writing; when you get to the point where you started writing this rubbish; punch yourself in the face; then, brew a pot of coffee; sit down; repeat this mantra–

I export what I import.

What that means–is that your influences around you, ultimately, exist in your work, your actions and your product.  If you are attaching, or even surrounding yourself with debris, your writing, your work, your output, will reflect that–if you don´t care what´s in your life, or what you are doing, it will be obvious, through your work, because you don´t care–no one else will. The only secret to longevity, to continuous output at long periods of time, is a small shift in perspective–instead of thinking, what you want to do–what is still left to do? It´s super easy to paint a picture in your mind of how it could be–but instead get to the bottom of it, then work up, from there. Rock bottom, the basement, the first floor, is where you get on the elevator, right? Enter the building, your work, and hit the button on your purpose, like a button in an elevator or bottom step of an escalator–ride it to your destination.  Do you care? Send a message to the Universe without expectation of it ever being received–imagine that you are given a soap box to speak your message to someone–start speaking, and, maybe, the commotion will bring them around.”

I pause; I breath.

“But, cause and effect–if you don´t put in any work, it won´t work–if you don´t start, you can´t progress–if you allow anything into your life, you won´t have any, or much, control of what you output–what you produce; imagine that you are running a factory and you are tasked with manufacturing a certain widget–there´s a contract in place, and it´s all like super legit–you look around and it´s all random; spend some time, getting good materials–but possibly not too good; if you spend all your money on getting the best pieces, how can you pay the workers–will anyone buy what you sell at the price you have to set?”

The writer pauses; this dude just keeps on talking.

“So”, he replies as he picks up a biscotti, “what are you saying?”

I pause; I think he just picked up my biscotti? It never ends!

I sigh.

“So”, I say as I turn my head to look out the window in the small cafe, “go back to where you started; look around; what´s your space look like? Consider what you´re putting into your life–then look at what you are producing.  You´ll prob find that the 2 are related; you´ll see small indications of your life, your hidden or personal life, in your work; small clues reveal a bigger picture, if you are perceptive and have a basic inkiling towards how the world works; before you start writing, get your head in the right place.  It´s simple that right and wrong are internalized personally–if you find a stack of money on the ground.  What do you do? Science says that matter doesn´t instantly materialize–where is it from? Who does it belong to? What was the intent–was it to pay rent? From this understanding, what do you? Contact the police to report what you found or instead look around to see if someone is stressed or anxious–cause and effect say that something happened before you arrived.  What is it–does it matter? From there, your surroundings, your ethics, your reputation, your personality–develop it through your life inputs–what do you let or accept in your life? That´s where you´ll find your success, or failure–that´s where the real story is; in the end, nothing has meaning but the story that you attach to it. The same object can be pleasurable to someone and a pain to another–this story that you wrote, to me, is a pain.”

I pause; oh man–I´m hella dramatic.

“Change that by changing you by changing your head by changing your focus, inputs and surroundings, right?”

“When do you need it?”

“Now”, I say as I slide the keys on the table to him, “40 minutes ago.”

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