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“I´m going to quit”, I told him.

“I´m going to quit”, I told him.

“I´m busy”, he replied, “tell me tomorrow.”

I chuckle as he tells me this story; yup, that´s how he is.

We exist in a point in a moment on a sphere in an abyss; what´s beyond the horizon of what we can see?

Is something waiting for us? A toddler taking first steps towards it´s parents, perhaps?

The sun holds us hostage in an elliptical orbit–are we stuck going down a drain? Can we pull ourselves out? Certainly, it can be determined that, incrementally, we progressively get nearer in every moment–what options do we have? Perhaps, that is the real question–are we stuck or can we do something? Maybe, the answer is not yet here–what will exist tomorrow?

I put the letter back down on the table; postmarked 2015 from Planet Earth.

I take my glasses off and rub between my eyes; I put my glasses back on.

Cause & effect.

The stranger in the kitchen turns his head back to me.

“Do you want to go back and change that point?”, he asks.

I sigh.

I turn my head to look out the window; I turn my head to the fridge; I turn my head back to the stranger.

“So”, I ask him, “why are you in my kitchen?”

He turns his head away, “I asked you a question.”

The doorbell rings; the police enter and handcuff the stranger; they leave.

My wife peaks her head around the corner from the hallway.

“Is it safe to enter?”

“Yeah”, I reply, “the police came again. We really need to get a better lock on the front door. This is getting old.”

“I know”, she replies.

She sits down and reaches over for the soda; pouring a glass, she sighs.

“I hope this person finally gets the help that they need”, she says as she takes a sip.

She reaches over for the potato chips; turns her head to look out the window.

“The hummingbird returned”, she casually remarks as she sets the glass on the table.

“Yup”, I reply as I recline the chair in the kitchen.

I close my eyes; moments later, I´m asleep.

The doorbell rings.

“So”, I ask the crowd, “does this makes sense?”

She raises her hand, “Yes and no.”

Continuing, “so time travel exists but we aren´t using it or it´s not useful or…. you know… I just don´t really get what you´re trying to say.”

I look away for a moment, then back to my laptop.

“Yes, yes, no, potato.”

“What?”, she replies.

“Yeah”, I reply, “I don´t know. Homework is due this Friday by 9pm Dorinto time.”

This is my first day teaching Dynamics. I want to make a good impression and set a high standard for the class. I think the key is to start on a good foot to get momentum, then this naturally leads to setting up something great that people want to live up to; motivation by example; people are taking notes; by making the class important, and a shared experience, I hope that it faciliates an atmosphere of creativity, with discipline, that helps leads to transforming the students into leaders–in their respective fields–on the journey to terraform the Universe, and see farther then we can today; beyond the Visible Universe–what exists?

I hit guadar on the keyboard; add the recipients to the email field; hit send on the laptop.

I hope it´s good enough.

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