"If you talk to me directly, you´ll find that it´s very easy to communicate. Give me a chance to show that I respect you." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“If you talk to me directly, you´ll find that it´s very easy to communicate. Give me a chance to show that I respect you.”

“If you talk to me directly, you´ll find that it´s very easy to communicate. Give me a chance to show that I respect you.”

“But”, the writer replies as he stammers, “I am talking to you–we´re here together in this cafe talking.

“You are doing everything but talking to me directly”, I reply as I recline in my chair, “you ask about me, you say bad things about me behind my back and when face-to-face you won´t be straight-forward.”

“I am talking”, he replies as he leans forward and takes a sip of coffee, “I am talking to you.”

“You ain´t saying nothing”, I reply as I lean forward and pick up my taza, “although there are a lot of words–you are avoiding what you really want to say.”

I pause; I take a sip of coffee; I set the mug on the table; I lean back in my plastic recliner.

“I don´t really care what you want to say–I´m not worried about those things.  Either say something that you mean or don´t say anything–you are making me uncomfortable and it´s awkward to be around you.  I don´t mind what you say–it´s cool.  But, I would prefer that if you can´t control your words, or maybe your thoughts, or maybe if you don´t have control of what you´re doing–that you go work on that.  I am here.  This is my place and I´m not going anywhere–take some time to get your shit together.  It´s better to work on yourself in solitude then to come around and make problems.”

I pause; I pick up my taza and take a sip of coffee.

“I have things going on in my life that don´t concern you–if you were a qualified professional then maybe we would setup an appointment and go get into those things.  But, as it is, we´re just friends–I´m just trying to enjoy myself.  I am very aware of what is going on in my life–what options that I have and what choices that I need to make.  Getting you involved in these issues would only complicate things–then you would have problems.  It may not seem this way–but I´m actually helping, or considering you, and by not telling you these things, I am not causing issues in your life.”

“That makes sense.”

“I often do.”

“So am I paying for this coffee?”

“You know”, I reply as I take another sip, “I don´t want to deal with it–I´m just going to pay the tab.  You know, I hope that you think about these things–I hope you actually really think about them.  I hope that you are not just listening to prepare your response, but that you take a moment to really understand them.  I don´t know if you hear what I´m saying–but I hope that you can take a moment to think about these things before you respond.  You will probably find that you don´t actually ever have to say anything–people know and people can see a person change.  You may, and probably, won´t ever make a declaration of how great you are now–but, all the same, people will pick up on it.”

“So don´t say anything?”

“I don´t care”, I reply as I set the taza down and lean back in the chair, “so speaking of which, we need to go examine the penguins again to gather more data and see how they are adjusting to their new habitat.”

I turn my head to look out the window; there´s 19 surfers today.

“I wonder if I could make snacks or sandwiches to sell… maybe energy drinks would be popular?”

“What´s that?”

“Oh!”, I reply as I turn my head back to the writer, “just thinking to myself.  You available this Friday at 10am to go check out the penguins?”

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