"This is why I like to have a heavy blanket at night when I sleep--I feel secure", I tell the writer as I shift in my seat. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“This is why I like to have a heavy blanket at night when I sleep–I feel secure”, I tell the writer as I shift in my seat.

“This is why I like to have a heavy blanket at night when I sleep–I feel secure”, I tell the writer as I shift in my seat.

“That´s interesting”, he replies as he zips up his black hoodie, “so why do I have to wear a black hoodie, again?”


“With who?”

“The penguins.”

“I want to be in the group of penguins.”

“We respect them and show them this by a simple act–wearing a black hoodie.”

“Do they understand what we are doing?”


“Well then”, he replies as he reclines his seat in the spacejet, “why do we do it?”

“Because if you feel it–you do it.  It is not about them–it is about how it makes you feel.  Your actions are a byproduct of how you feel–you feel good and you do good.”

“I want to do good.”

“We all do”, I reply as I recline my seat and close my eyes.

“How does this help?”

“It makes you feel a certain way–you need to look at that.  Did I tell you how on Earth, at one point, we started to reverse the prevailing color scheme of the planet–houses were painted black and we developed a culture of living at night and sleeping the day.”

“Why was this?”

“It was about avoiding the heat of the sun”, I reply as I open my eyes, “we looked at the current environment and decided that we would have success most if we changed things–adapted to how the world was, rather then how we wanted it to be.”

“You really painted the houses black?”

“That´s when we started to really question the surroundings–what have we created and what is it saying?  What is the tangential effect of our choices–what is the resultant of how we have created this, that, world? What is it making us think–what is making us do?  What can we change–it´s not always possible to know the reason for a choice, but you sure as fuck better see how the consequences are and adapt to the new situation, that has been created.  If I push a rock and it starts rolling down a hill, we have a new situation–a rock rolling towards a town.  I may not have intended for that effect, intentionally, but now there is a new situation–a new action needs to be taken; a new situation arises that needs another, a new, action.  In time, you can predict and mitigate, but, in the moment, you need to look at what is currently going on.  Certainly, it´s possible to guess or hypothesis, or add meaning in the past, but you need to look at what´s currently the situation and what action NOW is correct.”

“Can I sleep now?”, the writer remarks as he closes his eyes.

“Sure”, I reply as I turn my head to look out the window of the spacejet, “the penguins should start coming this way to get food and, certainly, one is prone to fall into the hole that you dug.”

“I dig good holes.”

“I don´t know what that means”, I reply as I turn my head to the writer, “but by the time you wake up–we should have a penguin and can begin to gather more data.”

“I don´t care”, he replies as he reclines his seat more, “I just want to finish this project.”

“Haste makes waste–if you run far enough away, you will foget why you are running.  If you go at your comfortable pace, and keep aware of what actions you want to take and what are being forced, placed, on you from others or society–you may make progress in a sustainable manner.  Be yourself as the guideline for how you move forward–keep the garbage away, and instead keep your positive mental attitude up.”

“I still don´t care or understand what you are saying.”

“You are a byproduct of what you let or allow in your life–see how things make you feel, before commiting, and have courage to let go of something or someone if it makes you feel, and act, in a way that you don´t want to.”

“Is this why we are studying the penguins.”

“Writer”, I reply as I turn to look forward in the spacejet, “we are ALWAYS studying the penguins.”

“I think that has hidden meaning but I´m not intelligent enough to understand, or curious enough to try and maintain the thought process that would, inevitably, lead to the conclusion or hypothesis on what you are actually saying.”

“I say what I mean.”

“What does THAT mean?”

“I don´t know what I´m talking about most of the time”, I reply as I turn my head to look out the window.

I pause; I am going to keep my eyes open until the morning.  I pause again–keeping at an impossible task is certain to fail.  Well then why try? Because you may want to fail to pave the way for your success–the success that you really truly desire.

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