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“I bet you couldn´t name 5 things about me”, I tell the writer as I recline in my chair, “yet… you keep telling people we´re friends.” (8/18/2018)

“I´ll take that bet”, he replies as he leans forward.

I pause; this is going to be painful.

“I´ll just save you the trouble”, I reply as I take a sip of coffee and turn my head to look out the window, “you are going to start with a conclusion and work the facts or evidence, data, around to support what you already think is true?”

“What do you mean?”

“I´m saying that you aren´t using the scientific process–you are starting with a concrete conclusion, an assumption, and then looking to support it.”

“How can I change that?”

“Look at starting with a hypothesis and then test it–use an open mind to collect research and then see what the conclusion is.  Start at the beginning–you can read the last page of a book and say you finished it, but there would be no emotional connection.  It would be lazy thinking.”

“How can I do unlazy thinking?”

“Start at the beginning with a hypothesis–then put together a test that you can perform to see what happens. Start somewhere and then see what happens–what is the question? What do you think will happen? What does happen?”

“That makes sense.”

“So if I ask you to name 5 things about me–where will you start?”

“I will look at my assumptions–what I think that I know.”

“Ok–that makes sense.”

“Then I will ask you a quesion and I will know.”

“You will really need to do active listening–that is a 2-way street for how you both faciliate questions and then try to understand the responses.  It will develop your sense of care–as you care more about me, you will naturally uncover the answer to my original question.”

“Do you want to start now?”

“No, but it should give you an idea on how we can move forward, right?”

“I think it´s important that we care about each other–the best way to go about this is to start to know each other.  Not on the superficial level, but on an individual level–what compromises the person? What pieces are they made up of as a whole?  What situations and experiences led them to be the person that they are?  It is lazy thinking to say that they look like me, or speak the same language as me, and so therefore, in conclusion, they are like me–I can trust them or I can be honest with them; I can let my guard down.  But, those things take time–they take getting to know someone on a deeper level, and not just on appearance.  Assumptions can be drawn–but tests and research should be done to see what is really going on.  At some point, you can start to make more accurate conclusions on how things go–but we still are too naive and too ignorant to how the world works to develop such a strong certainty in our intution.  Letting your guard down because someone looks like you, but keeping it up when they don´t, is the surest road to ruin–and the basis of lazy, wrong, thinking.”

“That´s interesting, dad”, HR replies as she turns her head to me, “so like anyways… can you pass the palomitas or are you going to hog them all for yourself?”

“Oh sorry!”, I reply as I pass her the bowl of popcorn.

“You have the hot sauce?”

“Yeah”, I reply as I hand it to her and then recline my chair, “hey… turn the volume up.  I´m tired of talking.”

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“Maybe you´re trying to get rid of the witnesses?”, I tell the writer as I lower my black sunglasses, “you want privacy for some reason?” (8/17/2018)

“I don´t know what you are talking about?”, he stammers back to me as his hand starts shaking.

“I can see it in your face”, I reply as I take a sip from my taza and set it down on the table, “you project exactly what you are.”

“I project that I´m going to punch you in the face”, he replies as he stands up.

“And I project that you are all talk”, I reply as I lean back.

I pause; he isn´t taking this well.

“Look”, I say as I lean forward, “it´s nothing personal–it´s just that I don´t like people spying on me and my family.  Why don´t you just say what you want to say? Why don´t you just be straight forward and honest? Why don´t you go to the source of your problem rather then avoiding it? You´re just prolonging the agony for you and those around you.  Look at the bigger picture and how your actions affect those around you–that should be your motivator.  Your motivation to go to therapy, and then get out; to look at a 12-step program; to develop a sense of self sufficiency that you own you; you are in charge of your life.

Until you are in position to give back financially and emotionally in your community–you´ll just be taking.

Taking people´s resources that are best left to their responsibilities–personal responsibility should first be the basis of your actions before you look outside for answers.  Are you standing on your own or leaning on too many people? Are you afraid of people seeing what you are doing? Do you have peace of mind that if your life was opened up to the public, you would be fine? Does your private life create an asset or a liability for you? Can you lay your cards on the table at the end of the game, and have peace of what people will see? You can bluff to win but a good hand beats a bluff, if played out.”

I turn my head back to the writer.

“Will people say that you care? What do people say about you? Are you the only advocate of your greatness or do other people spread how awesome you are before you get there, and after you leave?”

“You want me to leave?”

“I would prefer.”

“That´s all you had to say.”

“Oh no”, I reply as I take out the small pocket recorder, “if I did that I wouldn´t have this sweet speech for my newest post.  Thanks for role playing with me.”

“Sure!”, he replies as he sits back down at his chair.

“So I want you to write your articles that way–direct, agressive and hostile towards others.  Really punch people in the face with your writing–stun them with words then deliver a finishing blow with an arguement that they didn´t see coming.”

“That makes sense.”

“I normally do.”

“How many words do you need?”

“500 – 800.”

“When do you need it?”

“When you´re done?”

“Do I get paid?”

“I think a better question is–do I get more work next?  Is this something that is going to be reliable to continue forward?  Rather then one writing project here and there, having steady work coming in and going out will allow you to start putting together a plan for how you will, and can, live your life.”

“So I want to see what happens before making plans?”

“Start seeing what happens in your life–you can make the best plans but a pregnancy or meeting the one can change everything drastically in a moment.  It could be something like wearing the wrong sports team´s jersey in public that could make a small change–that could lead to an entirely different life; path in your life.  Small changes are all we have–and meeting the person of your dreams could start with something as innocuous as ordering a soda instead of a drink at the bar.  You never know how things will play out–keep strong by knowing the cards you are playing with in your hand.  Trust that when the cards are put down on the table, if everyone hasn´t bowed out, a good hand beats a bluff, right?”

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“No”, HR says as she picks up the remote and turns the volume up on the TV, “I can understand what it must have been like.”


Continuing, “you can know a math problem. You can know a capital.  Theses are facts; these are tangible; but, to know a situation–nah, you can understand intellectually. But to know emotionally only comes when you are in that same situation.  You can describe what it feels like to watch the sun rise from the ocean–but, until you know the beauty of the start of the day in the sand as the first rays wash over you–you don’t know it. I can imagine what it’s like for you to be in school–but as a women taking classes on another planet–I don’t know what it’s like, not really. In this way, experiences are transferred clumsily through language, pictures, videos, but without direct experience in that situation, we don’t know; do we really know each other?

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A Daily Dose Of

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You Have the choice to Understand What You Tried To Do >> And The Reality of the situation

  1. Test

  2. Observe

  3. Understand

  4. Change

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It Would Be This:

1. Open – I Was open to creating a new blog post to test things out

2. Idea – I Had an idea of how I wanted it to look (and with so many other blogs, I knew The Appearance I Wanted For it.

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Take Back Control

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So here I am at Café Praga off Revolucion in downtown Tijuana at 10:15pm. Writing.

10:15 is interesting. It also happens to be my birthday – October 15th. In a weird sense, it reminds me that I am alive. It reminds me …. well…. better to look forward. I wonder how I will spend 10/15 this year. In years past, I’ve spent that day dancing in the desert of Arizona, mountaineering in Peru, collecting souvenirs in Praga, with most recently a small party in La Presa on the outskirts of the city eating pinguinos y tomando leche.

It’s been about four and a half years since I walked away from a promising career as an engineer. I returned to the old office this past week to find nothing had changed >> not drastically. I lasted thirty minutes there before I walked out.

I left a career where people can be paid $100k plus a year.

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You´ll want to dip your toes in before going for a swim.


You just want reading and research?



I feel connected in my neighborhood. I am able to spend my time how I like. It took a lot of hard work to get here.

I didn´t think the response would be completely for me–but the negativity really surprised me.


I figure that there´s other people out there in a similiar situation.

That´s why I created this blog.

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