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I´m not

going to

take it.

Try and try again–life gives you opportunities to go again for it!


I prefer if you don´t.

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“Business is not competition; it’s partnerships and alliances”, I repeat to Bilta, “so give me your hotdogs and two scoops of potato salad, yo.” (7/21/2019)

“I want to destroy my competitors, boss”, Bilta replies as he plops two heaping spoonfuls of digital.potato salad on my plate.

I roll my eyes; amateur.

“I want”, he continues speaking as he grabs four hotdogs off his plate and places them on mine, “to be the only one out there.”

“That’s dumb.”


“It, just, is”, I reply as I shrug, “businesses help.  They are not about making money, selling a product or offering a service.  They help.  That’s the whole point of them–why don’t you go talk to other business owners about how you two can partner up?  It’s actually very easy.  Consider a contract; consider making a partnership with those around you–help.  That’s the point, you want to be invaluable.  People going to you 24/7 to have you solve their problems–the best customer, and promotion, is people coming to you, not you going to them.”

“I don’t want to go to my customers, yo?”

“That’s creepy”, I reply as I grab the bottle of ketchup, “why don’t you have an office or store where people go, maybe a website–it’s relatively easy and simple.  I don’t know why you are making this difficult.  Go to other business owners and say I have this and think that your service or product would be a good fit.  Do promotions and give opportunities to others–they will break down the door to give you money.”

“I want people breaking down my door, yo.”

“You probably actually don’t, literally”, I reply as I dip my hotdog in the ketchup, “but, figuratively, in a business sense, it’s the way to go–have people coming to you with money.  Don’t worry about the person’t opinion that doesn’t intend to pay you–wait until people pay you to listen to what is going on.  Until they pay you, they are competitors, competing business owners, they don’t want your success–if they buy a product or service, listen to their feedback to improve.”

“I want four star reviews.”

“Not everyone can get four stars”, I reply as I sigh, “you would have to be abnormally good, and, probably, very attractive.  It just doesn’t happen to anyone–you need to know your shit.”

“I am just getting started with this blogging stuff, yo.”

“Before you type another word”, I continue speaking as I take a bite of hotdog, “send an email to your competitor to say hi.  Before they randomly stumble upon you, contact them and say hi–probably want to hold off on sending a fruit basket, but consider making an introduction.  Something friendly, but professional; something you.”

“I’m a great person, boss”, Bilta replies as he sticks his spoon into the potato salad, “I help a lot of people, regularly.”

“Well, then”, I reply as I take another bite, “you should have no problems getting a business going–what do you have to help out?”


“You can’t start a taxi service without a car.”

“You can’t start a restaurant without food.”

“There you go, yo!”, I reply to Bilta as I shuffle on the bench at the picnic table, “so, like, why did we come to this cookout again?”

“I thought you said that you knew the host?”

I shrug; I roll my eyes; why’s he always default to me.

“I said that I need a hose to wash the car–not a host to watch the Cars!”

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“No”, HR says as she picks up the remote and turns the volume up on the TV, “I can understand what it must have been like.”


Continuing, “you can know a math problem. You can know a capital.  Theses are facts; these are tangible; but, to know a situation–nah, you can understand intellectually. But to know emotionally only comes when you are in that same situation.  You can describe what it feels like to watch the sun rise from the ocean–but, until you know the beauty of the start of the day in the sand as the first rays wash over you–you don’t know it. I can imagine what it’s like for you to be in school–but as a women taking classes on another planet–I don’t know what it’s like, not really. In this way, experiences are transferred clumsily through language, pictures, videos, but without direct experience in that situation, we don’t know; do we really know each other?

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A Daily Dose Of

What it´s really like, yo.

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You Have the choice to Understand What You Tried To Do >> And The Reality of the situation

  1. Test

  2. Observe

  3. Understand

  4. Change

To Continue With my Theme of the 7 Step Cycle Of Action >>

It Would Be This:

1. Open – I Was open to creating a new blog post to test things out

2. Idea – I Had an idea of how I wanted it to look (and with so many other blogs, I knew The Appearance I Wanted For it.

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Take Back Control

Secrets of the trade.

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So here I am at Café Praga off Revolucion in downtown Tijuana at 10:15pm. Writing.

10:15 is interesting. It also happens to be my birthday – October 15th. In a weird sense, it reminds me that I am alive. It reminds me …. well…. better to look forward. I wonder how I will spend 10/15 this year. In years past, I’ve spent that day dancing in the desert of Arizona, mountaineering in Peru, collecting souvenirs in Praga, with most recently a small party in La Presa on the outskirts of the city eating pinguinos y tomando leche.

It’s been about four and a half years since I walked away from a promising career as an engineer. I returned to the old office this past week to find nothing had changed >> not drastically. I lasted thirty minutes there before I walked out.

I left a career where people can be paid $100k plus a year.

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You´ll want to dip your toes in before going for a swim.


You just want reading and research?



I feel connected in my neighborhood. I am able to spend my time how I like. It took a lot of hard work to get here.

I didn´t think the response would be completely for me–but the negativity really surprised me.


I figure that there´s other people out there in a similiar situation.

That´s why I created this blog.

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