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“So”, he replies, “you think that we should push home schooling?”{PART 2}

“So”, he replies, “you think that we should push home schooling?”{PART 2}

“No”, I reply as I pick up my taza, “but consider the time that it takes, and how it prepares people for the workforce–we have a different work situation now, then when it started–if things change, but don’t? What is the best way to prepare people for success in life? How can we develop a habit of self-study in free time but assimilation in public? What is the right thing to do–do any changes even need to be made? Progress from success can fail.”

“That makes sense”, he replies as he scans the email on his computer.

He turns back to me.

“Ok” he says as he turns back to his computer, “I wrote that in the notes, but, for the record, you are not correct, really?

I pause; if everything is based on reverse psychology, what is correct?

“I don’t know”, I reply as I get up from the chair.

I look over to the wall behind him; the bookshelf to see what he reads; I notice it.

“Oh”, I exclaim, “you drink the same coffee as me?”

“No”, he replies as he looks over at it, “it just holds up the books. There’s no coffee–it’s empty.”

I squint; I can barely see it; I put on my glasses; I read the coffee label; oh no! It’s not the same as I drink at home. I take off my glasses; maybe, it’s better not to see so clearly.

I turn around and take a step to leave his office.

As a second thought, I turn around.

“We’re done here.”

He smiles.

“And”, I tell my wife as a I take a sip of coffee at the table, “that was more or less how my day went.”

“This came for you”, she says as she slides the leaflet on the table to me.

Make it bulletproof. No risk!

“Yeah”, I reply as I pick it up, “they messed up the colors again.”

She looks at the stack on the table; yeah, they printed wrong again.

I pause; I look at her; I’ll call the printers tomorrow to see about getting them done right this time.

I had been thinking of starting a business; tired of selling fans on Dorinto; this had been an idea of a friend, I moved on it; we had things in place, but were stuck on the last step; telling people about the business! There is a saying on Planet P.WMN that the best place to put a business is next to a single palm tree–because most business don’t have a single one. It is an interesting approach related to having your store near one thing that is certain to create traffic–location is an important thing! Hopefully, in the morning, after talking to the printers, the new flyers will be updated and we can start canvasing the neighborhood to let people know what we are doing.

I peak at the audience in the auditorium; there’s a packed house this semester! I turn on the lights; hit activate on my microphone in the kitchen: I begin:

I’m going to push you, figuratively; to be the best, you will resist this force; trying to stay in place against a strong wind; it takes effort right? Well, we’re going to look at this situation to develop a finite element analysis of how change occurs; when I push you, you move; you also probably think that I’m an asshole, but that’s not the point; when you move, you approach the person next to you; perhaps you two come into contact; if so, then they move; depending on this, they may also, then, come into contact with someone. How many people are there on Dorinto? 400 right? Well, look at connection. For example, if you make her mad, you then make him mad, which makes his friends mad, which makes their partners mad, which makes their families mad, which makes their neighbor’s mad. But, and this is the question, that we’re going to get into in this class this semester–what if you instead make her happyHow does this change it?

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