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“How did you get into HAKI?”, the sternographer asks my wife as he types the notes up on the laptop.

“How did you get into HAKI?”, the sternographer asks my wife as he types the notes up on the laptop.

“Yeah”, she replies as she leans back in her chair, “it´s just what you do.”

I pause; she´s doing great.

She continues, “you know my family has the same HAKI addiction–it´s like how you handle the stress.”

“That´s interesting”, the sternographer says as he types, “go on.”

She leans forward and picks up her taza; takes a sip; turns her head to me; turns back to the sternographer.

“You know”, she says as she leans back, “you want to find another way–but that´s how things go.”

I pause; where did I leave my pants? I´m pretty sure that they are drying on the back porch. 

My wife turns her head to me; how´s this?

I pause; I turn my head to her; you´re doing great.

“I think I´m ready”, she says as she turns back to the sternographer, “to quit–to address my addiction to HAKI. It just… I mean… I think there´s a better life–a better option.”

There´s a knock on the door.

“One moment”, he says as he stops typing and gets up from his chair.

He walks over to the door in the small room and looks out the peephole.

“Oh no”, he says as he fastens the small chain lock, “it´s a girlteam.”

My wife stands up.

“I got this!”

I pause; I shake my head; I sigh.

“Hold on girlhero”, I say as I stand up from my chair.

I take a step towards the door; I turn my head back to my wife; I sigh; I look through the peephole.

“It´s just the pizza that we ordered”, I say as I unfasten the lock.

I open the door; I give the girlteam the money; I take the pizza; I pull my digitaltelephone out of my pocket; I hit propina 15%; Susie gets the notification, nearly, instantly; she smiles; I nod; I turn my head back to my wife; my wife looks away; the sternographer turns around and takes a step towards his desk; I close the door; I set the pizza on the table; I open the box and pick up a slice.

“So”, I say as I sit down in my chair, “do you still want to say that HAKI addiction is not a thing–I mean… what was that about?”

My wife pauses; she leans back; she takes a sip of coffee; she leans forward and sets her taza down.

“You know”, she replies as she leans back again, “it´s not like you can just do an intervention on one person, one time, in one instance–and everything´s fine. It´s about the girlteam looking inside–it´s about how we need to stop looking for others, the heroes, to come save the day–look at the group you are already in–how can you, as a team, address the issues? It´s internal.  Do you want a person with a HAKI addiction on your team–look around, that´s what you have! If you have 20 people in a room–19 people are ok, 1 person deals with an addiction–you really need to consider that you have 20 people that have a problem.  Does this make sense? What teams are you on–I mean… there´s a reason Team Pet Socks doesn´t let just anyone in.  Your problems become the group´s problems–in this manner, it is the team´s responsibility.  Would you be successful if you had a person with HAKI addiction on your team–what if the other teams don´t?  The girlhero, the group hero, could be the person that says Enough Is EnoughI want to succeed!

Life is competitive–what is your team doing?


She pauses; she turns her head to the sternographer.

“Are you writing this down?”

He turns his head from the laptop to her.

“You know”, he says as he turns his head back to the laptop, “I don´t really care.  I´m actually just not sure why you are in my office and what this dude is doing eating my lunch. I´m just being polite–but are you going to leave or what?”

“Excuse me”, she says as she turns her head to me, “I thought you said this was our appointment.”

“No”, I say as I stand up from my chair and grab another slice of pizza, “I told you that we had an appointment with the photographer in room 392, not sternographer. Are you happy, now?”

“So”, she replies as she stands up from her chair.

She turns her head to the guy with the laptop; she turns her head to me; she turns her head to the door; she takes a step to leave the small office.

“And”, I say to HR as I take a sip of my coffee, “you see why we need to think differently how we handle this.”

HR pauses; she reaches over for the digitalpapitas.

“Yeah”, she replies as she leans back in her chair, “like… I don´t know what you´re talking about.”

I sigh.

“So”, I say as I lean forward in my chair and reach over for the palomitas, “as I was saying–your team´s probably not going to do great if you have a person with HAKI addiction on it. It doesn´t, necessarily, affect me directly–so I´m, more or less, ok with it–but you should care–it could be what makes or breaks your success–the team.”

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