"The secret is to travel in family wolfpacks", the writer says as he takes a sip of soda and reaches over for the palomitas. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“The secret is to travel in family wolfpacks”, the writer says as he takes a sip of soda and reaches over for the palomitas.

“The secret is to travel in family wolfpacks”, the writer says as he takes a sip of soda and reaches over for the palomitas.

“Oh”, I say as I sip the coffee, “that´s interesting.”

I pause; should I tell him what I think?

I take a sip of coffee.

“I think you´re a loser”, I say as I set my taza down.

The writer pauses; sets down his glass; reaches over for the palomitas.

“Go on.”

I turn my head to look out the window; I turn back to the writer; I pause as I consider how to word it.

“I mean this cafe sucks. The location is horrible. You don´t write in the first person present-tense.”

I pause; this feeels good.

“I mean the writing is JUST AWFUL.”

I pause again; I lean back in my chair.

“You´re hired!”

The writer gasps; excuse me?

I continue speaking as I reach over for the papitas.

“You know–we have a lot of talent. We´re not really lacking there–we just kinda need crap to get by with on a daily basis.  You know–you may be the best at something, but, what we really want, and need, is someone that´s kinda shitty.  I mean… you don´t want to write the best article and then like… that´s it. We kinda need just shit that works everyday. It is not about the writing, so much–it´s that you just need to show up so people can see that they are not alone.  It´s like the RadYo–I mean… it´s just for like people to listen to while they are going about their day, taking the kids to the pool…. you know… Just like—it´s about repetition–we want the person that can make 1,000 articles that work–not just work on one article.  It´s about the example that you set–the way to influence those around you is to show that you are trying.  You know–in my first book, I talk about SMART Action

Start Making Action Real Today

The whole point is that, daily, you try.  So like today? Did you try?”

I pause; this is going well.


I continue speaking, “so like that´s cool. What about yesterday? What about tomorrow?

One day does not make everyday.

And, you know, it´s from when you wake up to when you fall asleep–do you try, or did you try, once? It´s not something you do one time–

Like buy a lottery ticket.

It´s something that you do in your day while you are handling your responsibilities–did you try? Did you try today? Did you try in the time that you were awake and before you go to sleep.  It´s not so complicated–look at finding someway to make yourself accountable.  Consider if there´s a way to make yourself try–is there a way that you can, with an evidence-based approach, make yourself understand, internalize, that you did it? You did try today? You know–

There´s not really much more then that–did you try?”

I pause; I´m awesome.

The writer takes a sip of coffee and reaches over for another handful of palomitas.

“So”, he says as he sets his taza down, “I just try.”

I cut in.

“Hey”, I say as I slam my taza on the table, “I´m speaking.”

I pause; I´m going to say something dramatic.

“Don´t be a dick.”

The writer gasps; I am being a jerk!

I continue speaking as I pick up my taza and take a sip of coffee.

“Look”, I say as I reach over for the palomitas, “do your thing–keep writing. Just don´t embarass me.”

The writer sets his taza down.

“So what you´re saying

“You know”, I say as I set my taza down, “you just keep speaking–when are you going to start working?”

The writer pauses; he´s right!

“Thank you!”

I pause; that WAS dramatic!

“Yeah”, I say as I set my taza down, “whatever!”

The waiter comes over.

“Here´s your check”, he says as he puts the cuenta on the table.

“He´ll pick it up”, I say as I look at the writer, “… so anyways.”

I stand up; I look out the window; turn my head back to the writer.

“So”, I declare as I push the chair back into the table, “…”

I pause; I should say something nice or like… you know… whatever!

“Like”, I say as I pick up my bookbag, “… so… like… um… so… like…”

The circuit in my right knee starts to short-out; smoke starts billowing out of my left foot; embarrased, I turn around and take a step towards the exit door; as a second thought, I turn around, and pause as I look out the window, then back to the writer.

Just try, my wife thinks to me.

I pause.

“Um…”, I start speaking, “good luck or something… so like… nice socks. You look nice today.”

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