"Understand that I does not exist--it´s simply WE and You", I say as I sip the coffee. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“Understand that I does not exist–it´s simply WE and You“, I say as I sip the coffee.

“Understand that I does not exist–it´s simply WE and You“, I say as I sip the coffee.

“Yeah”, the barista says as he rolls his eyes, “so that´s great. Were you going to pay your bill?”

I chuckle.

“Yeah”, I reply as I pull my digitalwallet out of my pocket, “here put it on the chip.”

He waves the digitaltarjeta in front of the small receptor.  My digitaltelephone beeps; transaction alert.

“Thanks!”, he replies.

I pull the digitaltelephone out and hit propina 15%; his phone beeps in his pocket. I turn around and take a step to leave the small cafe.

“So”, my wife says as she turns to the refrigerator, “how did it go?”

I pause; sip my coffee; look out the window; back towards her.

“He still wants to be business partners”, I reply as I lean back in my chair in the kitchen, “I just don´t think that he understands the work–the responsibility, the commitment, the real side of being a writer.”

“You know”, she says as she places the plate into the digitaldryer rack, “you should give him a chance. It could be good for you.”

HR takes a step into the kitchen.

“Dad!”, she exclaims, “I got pet socks!”

I roll my eyes; lean forward and pick up my taza.

“You know”, I reply as I turn my head to her, “it´s not something we talk about.”

I pause; she wants to be on my team.

“Look”, I reply as I lean back and take a sip, “if you want to be on the team–stop.”

She turns her her to my wife; turns her head back to me.

“So”, she replies as she takes a step towards the kitchen table, “what are you saying?”

I pause; I sigh.

“You understand that it´s about the team. It´s what the team does–you don´t have to do something to be accepted. It´s about understanding that WE do this or WE do that; they don´t. You don´t have to have pet socks to be on the team. You just need to feel that WE do this or that. It´s just a place where you can fit in–it doesn´t mean to copy behavior. It´s like your mom with her HAKI habit–I don´t eat HAKI, but since we´re a team:

We do.

If your teammate does something, you do that–even if you don´t. Make sense? If you do something–we all are. If we let you on our team and you get good grades at school–we get good grades.  It´s why we´re selective–it´s about what WE want to do; it´s what WE accept. We want you on our team–let´s call it Team Pet Socks. Know that you don´t have to have pet socks to be on the team, but know, and feel, and accept, and internalize, that when you talk about your team, you say–we have pet socks. It´s team–not you.”

“So”, she replies as she looks down at the linoleum floor, “like what am I supposed to do with these pet socks? I don´t have the receipt to return them.”

“I´ll take them and we´ll put them on the cat.”

She hands the small package to me.

“Welcome to the team”, I say as I put my hand on her shoulder, “you headin´ back to school today?”

“Yeah”, she replies as she turns her head to me, “me and my girl wolfpack are taking a trip to the beach this weekend–I got to finish up my assignments and take my Economics exam on Friday.”

“Oh!”, I reply as I lean forward and set my taza down, “sounds like fun!”

She blushes.


She turns and takes a step towards the hallway; moments later, we hear the front door close.

My wife turns her head to me.

“Are you going to put those on the cat?”

I turn my head down to the small package on the kitchen table.

“No”, I reply as I hit recline on the side of the chair and lean back, “but it sounded good, right?”

My wife rolls her eyes.

“You´re such a jerk”, she says as she turns back towards the coffeemaker.

I pause.

“You´re right!”

I turn my head to look out the window; I turn my head to her; I pick up my coffee. I smile; I take a sip.