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“Do you give back or donate anything to the community–do you do anything that matters with your greatness?”

“Do you give back or donate anything to the community–do you do anything that matters with your greatness?”

“I tip 18% propina every time”, the writer replies as he shuffles in his seat.

“Well that´s good, I guess”, I reply as I lean back, “but what about donating your time to help someone. We are very upstanding citizens here and if you want to be on our team, we need to know that you care–through your actions.”

“Oh! I can act like I care!”

“That´s a start”, I say as I lean forward and pick up my taza, “maybe that will get the ball rolling–you want to get those balls moving towards something good.  As they say, ´the best way to succeed is to help others succeed.´¨

“Yeah”, the writer replies as he sips his coffee, “that´s cute–so where did you just go?”

“Huh?”, I reply as I sit back down at my chair at the cafe by the beach, “just the bathroom.”

“Umm… you were gone for 2 hours.”

“Ok.  Busted. I went to the local park to eat an ice cream and collect my thoughts.”

“Well I´ve been collecting dust; waiting for you to get back.  This is my 7th coffee already!”

“Oh man–you are prob not going to sleep tonight.”

“Yeah”, he replies as he slides the papers over to me on the small table, “that´s the least of the problems–look at the first draft of the report on the mating habits of emperor penguins in December on Planet ODGNE.”

I pick up the stack of papers; feels heavy… must be a lot of data. I start flipping through the pages–facts.  conclusions.  hypothesises.

“There´s sure a lot of stuff here!”

“That´s the point–I´ve collected all the observational research and I can draw some concrete conclusions but the problems is”

“You don´t know what the question is?”

“Yes”, he replies as he takes a sip of coffee, “you never gave me a question to answer.”

“Oh–you´re right!  Sorry, forgot all about that.”

“I spent 2 months on the frozen tundra watching emperorer penguins mating when I realized–why am I doing this?”

“Was it fun?”

“Not particularly”, he replies as he takes a sip of coffee and turns his head to me, “I mean I drank a fuck load of hot chocolate so that part was cool.”

“Did you enjoy the assignment–feeling like you were working for us?”

“Yeah, you know–besides having no purpose, I felt a sense of purpose.  That was cool, too.”

“So”, I reply as I take a sip from my taza and set it down, “I didn´t really have any work and didn´t know what to do, and I wanted to think about it–so I sent you on a goose chase there so that I could get some time to think about it.  But, good news–now, I have your assignment.”

He rolls his eyes; takes a sip of coffee.

“Your writing assignment”, I continue talking as I lean back, “is to do nothing.”


“Yes”, I reply as I lean forward and pick up my taza, “wait.  I want you to wait–instead of running proactive around the world looking to sell your wares and writing.  Stop–see, or more importantly, listen to what people are saying.  What are people talking about? What´s going on in the community? What needs to be done?”

“That makes no sense.”

“Wait”, I reply as I take another sip and set the taza down, “just live your life and see what naturally happens–see where in the mosaic of life on Dorinto you fit.  How do you complete the puzzle? You are the missing piece somewhere.  If you keep running around pushing your agenda, you´ll also be avoiding the obvious.  Instead, think of how you work on this planet–find your place by doing nothing.”

“It´s like the saying that muddy water clears best when not stirred.”

“Let it sit”, I reply as I take a sip and set down the coffee, “and let things settle–you´ll find your place this way.  As the pieces natually go into place, let the world use you.”

“But, I have no talents.”

“AHEM”, I reply as I lean back in the chair, “you are now the leading expert on the mating habits of emperor penguins; someone needs the data. Possibly? Maybe?”

I pause; I clear my throat.

“I mean”, I continue speaking, “it could happen. Possibly?”

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