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“Do you think they´re observing us?”, she asks as she turns her head to me.

“Do you think they´re observing us?”, she asks as she turns her head to me.

“You know”, I reply as I put my hands behind my head, “I just assume yes and behave accordingly, regardless.”

“I think it´s important to know”, she replies as she takes a sip of her soda.

“I agree with you”, I reply as I turn my head to look at the constellation Sagittarius, “but I think there´s other questions that are important right now.”

She takes another sip of her soda; it´s cold and very refreshing.

We´re teenagers in this galaxy; although, we´re been around for so many milleniums; it´s the first time that we´ve been here; on Planet QKMN, the government has decided to follow the naming convention of Planet Earth and uses the same designations for the erected structures orbiting this double-star; we may go far away, but we never really go where we aren´t.

I turn my head back to her.

“I think that unless you are in your bathroom or bedroom, you just have to assume that they are watching. Right?”

“It´s uncomfortable when people are watching.”

I turn my head away and back to the night sky.

“You get used to it.”

Where do we go from here?, I think to her.

Is this enough being observed? Can we leave now?, she thinks back to me.

“At the 9th point”, I tell the class, “we were finally truly successful in developing the tools and standards for thoughtcommunication.”

“What was it like before then?”, a student asks.

I turn my head away and then back to the student.

“Well”, I reply, “it just was what it was.”

“That doesn´t make any sense”, the student responds.

“Yup”, I say.

This is my 14th day teaching nativelingustical theory.  I enjoy teaching this class. It´s interesting the formulas that we use to communicate.

Creo que no

Supongo que no

Claro que no

It´s really easy to talk once you know the basics; the difficult part is always the confidence. What you need to remember is that–while you may be a beginner, the recipient of your message is an expert, and will understand, your intent. You just have to try, a little bit, right?

Then, once the ball is rolling, the rest comes easy; the catalyst, the spark, the ignition, can be small–starting a campfire takes only one match. Control is necessary, and important, and the skill that you really want to develop. It may take just a bit to start, but can you keep what you begin going, responsibly?

“Hey!”, a different student yells in the class, “she´s on the digitalTV right now. Can we pause the class to watch?”

“No”, I reply, “pause the TV and do that on your own time.”

I pause.

“Why are you watching digitalTV during class?”

The student looks up from her digitaltablet.

“Because I can?”

“Yeah”, I respond, “nice try. Not in my class.”

I turn back to the digitalchalkboard and start writing.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

“Anyone know what this is?”, I ask the class.

All the hands in the class go up.

“Good”, I reply.

I turn back to the digitalchalkboard and start writing a phrase.

“How does it feel?”

A student starts talking.

“You mean like physically or the feeling after eating it, or when you are eating it?”

I turn my head to the student, “yes.”

“Well which one is it?”, the student responds.

“Yes”, I reply.

I pause.

“If you are feeling bad and you eat it, you feel good. Right?”

The student pauses.

“Well, yes”, he replies.

“Good”, I respond.

Cause & Effect

“Why do you feel bad?”, I ask the student.

“I don´t know.”

“Yup”, I reply, “I don´t know either.”

Life Experiments

“If you feel bad and you eat it, and it makes you feel good, does that make it bad?”

The student pauses.

“Yes”, he replies.

“Yeah”, I reply, “I don´t know.”

I pause.

“Oh right”, I say as I chuckle, “I forgot what I was talking about. The reason that I mention this is because you know how it´s going to make you feel when you do it: eat it. Right? Well with language, it´s similar. How does it feel to say Good Morning or Thank You or Excuse Me? Consider how these make you feel; how they make other people feel. If you do something that makes you feel good but makes another feel bad–does that make you feel good? Consider that. I don´t think that you can memorize a textbook of anything and instantly understand how the cause and effect will be. At some point, you will have to apply, in a basic way, a small amount of the knowledge–see how it goes. Do you feel good? How do other people respond? Speculation is great as an observer–but you are both a driver and a passenger, in your life. How do things make you feel today; in the moment; tomorrow?

The Law Of Diminishing Returns.

Once something starts working, at some point, it will work less; there´s a reason innovation is always necessary for progress; a constant change has no foundation, but incremental, tested and observed, steps are important, if not the only option.”

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