"So like... 6 days of work... 1 day of rest", I tell my wife as I scan the produce section in the digital grocerystore. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“So like… 6 days of work… 1 day of rest”, I tell my wife as I scan the produce section in the digital grocerystore.

“So like… 6 days of work… 1 day of rest”, I tell my wife as I scan the produce section in the digital grocerystore.

“I think you have a career of rest”, she replies as she picks up the digitalbrocoli.

“Yeah”, I reply as I pick up a tube of digitalzanahorias, “you would think–but, actually, not.”

She pauses; this would be great for the in-laws when they come in to town.

She picks up the digitalmaiz and places it in the cart.

“So”, she says as she turns her head to me, “like what the fuck do you do?”

I pause; they don´t really like digitalmaiz and she does this EVERY time.

“What needs to be done”, I reply as I reach down and take the digitalmaiz out of the cart.

I place it back on the shelf; I reach over for the strainer of digitalpapas.

“They like this”, I say as I place it in the shopping cart, “FYI.”

She pauses; they have been lying to me?

“Ok”, she replies as she grabs a handful of digitalpoblanos.

“I want to talk about school”, HR says as she emerges from the panaderia aisle, “like… what the fuck am I supposed to do after it? Like get a job or what?”

I pause.

“Yeah”, I reply as she places the digitalpastel into the cart, “but think differently about it.”

I pause; she pauses; my wife rolls her eyes; the cat in aisle 15 hits the button and the music changes in the grocerystore.

“Consider your life, your passion, your desire, as your job”, I say as I listen to the song.

I pause; that´s a good song.

“So anyways”, I say as I push the shopping cart, “the goal, the mission, the secret of work–is to work.”

I pause; that sounded good…. I should write these things down.

“Huh?”, she replies as she places the digitalcereal in the cart.

“Yeah”, I reply as I pick the digitalcereal up and place it back on the shelf, “the secret is to treat the job like a job–consider a 6 day workweek; change your day off; rearrange your work schedule for something that fits into your life. For example, you know that I have challenges sleeping–so working nights is a better fit.  Although, it can be a challenge–it helps to put my work around my life–or to develop a life that plays to my strengths.  I have bills to pay; responsibilites that I have to take care of; so it makes sense that I need to play to where I´m strong–writing.  It´s difficult, at times. But instead of calling it work, just say–what needs to be done.”

HR pauses.  She takes the digitalcereal off the shelf and places it back in cart.

“So”, I say as I watch her place the food in the cart, “just keep doing what needs to be done.”

“That doesn´t make sense”, she replies as she picks up another box of digitalcereal and places it in the shopping cart, “but.. I know what you mean.”

“Yeah”, I reply as push the shopping cart down the aisle, “I think you have too many days of rest, and not enough days of rest.  When you are working, work; and when you are resting, take a break–do it.”

“So”, my wife says as she places another box of digitalcereal into the shopping cart, “does that make sense HR?”

I pause; how many fucking boxes of digitalcereal do we need?

“So”, I say as I shake my head and look at the shopping cart, “is that all we´re fucking buying, today?”