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“Time-travel”, I say to the class. (4/5/2018)

I stop and take off my glasses.

“Time-travel”, I say again, “is made up of two components: time and distance. For example, if you walk one kilometer in one hour, you have time traveled one kilometer in one hour. Does this make sense?”

I pause and look at the packed auditorium to see if anyone raises their hand.

“For example, speed is kmh or mph, this is time-travel. We ultimately started to discover near the third point that there are vectors upon a rotating sphere–naturally there was an inherent velocity with being on a spinning object.  For example, if you take a basketball and tape a piece of paper to it, then throw it in the air–the paper does not have a velocity relative to the basketball, yet it does have a velocity. Make sense?”

I pause and look again at the auditorium; still no questions?

“What we began looking at is how everything on Earth is traveling at a speed–even though relative to the Earth there is no change in distance relative to time; by standing still, there is still a velocity. As we began to look at speed, this way, we discovered that there is a vector that can be calculated for all objects on the Earth–a vector being a speed with a direction. Ok?”

I pause and scan the crowd.

One person stands up.

“Excuse me”, the person says, “can I go to the bathroom?”

I pause.

“No”, I reply, “pee on yourself.”

I continue talking.

“There is a vector that objects, with mass, have by being still–using this as a control, we were able to calculate, mathmatically, the change in velocity needed to create a new time-travel speed. Yes?”

I put my glasses back on.

“If you could circumnavigate the Earth in one minute and land one foot West from where you started–you would have gone back one day in one minute. Right?”

I open the bag of potato chips on the table. I reach in and grab one; these are fucking delicious!

“If you could do this over and over, you would gradually be going back in time–right?”

I look at the audience.

“Well, you can´t. You are exactly where you are. Where you go, there you are. We found that the best way to time-travel was to rediscover music, books, and media created in different eras and how it could still apply, and be relevant today. For example, listening to a song from 1988 makes it 1988, to you. Relative to everything, you are in 1988. Still that does not really work in the world–to have people in different times; instead there´s an agreed upon progression of time.

Time-travel: in the time that you have spent reading this–how far have you traveled?

Make sense?”

The people in the auditorium start looking around at each other.

“The real question is then:

How much travel are you going to do in the next hour–the next day, year, month, decade? I don´t mean linear–if you walk half a kilometer away from here and then retrace your steps, you have traveled one kilometer. In how much time? What if you walked half a kilometer from here and then took a different route back that took two kilometers to return to the point of orgin. You would have traveled two and a half kilometers.”

I take off my glasses and rub between my eyes.

“So how long is it going to take you? Find out!”

I pause; anything else that I want to say?

I turn the lights on in the auditorium; grab another potato chip; man, these things are fucking delicious!

I pause and turn my head to look out the window; I turn back to the laptop; close the lid; the computer turns off; I get up from my chair and walk over to the fridge.

Opening it, the first thing that I notice is that the bottle of soda is nearly empty.

I call out, “I´m going to the store to get more soda. You need anything?”

“Do you want to teach another class?”, the Whctemh asks me. (4/9/2018)

“No”, I reply, “this is good.”

“Well”, the Whctemh replies, “it´s up to you if you want to go back. If you can´t make it, we´ll find a replacement for your class. Whatever you decide–good luck!”

This is my first day teaching dynamics; technically, I´ve gotten out of wage slavery; my day teaching the class is over; I don´t live at school; after class, my shift ends and I can do what I want; it´s my life.



The alarm is going off. I have to teach a class at 8am; time to get ready for the day.

I reach over for the alarm.

I pause.

I grab the alarm clock and throw it against the far wall. It breaks.


The alarm stops going off.

I hit snooze, motherfucker.

I think of that movie where this quote came from; I chuckle. I put my head back on the pillow.

Fuck it.

Moments later, I´m asleep.

I check my messages on my phone. It´s 9am.


They didn´t call? What happened to my class? Did they find a replacement teacher?

I turn my head to look out the window.

Out of wage slavery–but where the fuck am I now?

I get out of bed; slowly walking down the stairs, I smell coffee; is that bacon, I smell?

“Good morning, sunshine”, my wife says.

“Um”, I reply, “ok?”

She turns back to the pancake griddle.

“Hey”, she replies, “I saw you fell back asleep so I called the school to let them know that you wouldn´t make it in today. They said they´ld send in the digitalrobot to teach today.”

“Oh!”, I reply.

I forgot about that–the robots!

I pull the chair out from the kitchen table and sit down.

“Here´s your coffee”, my wife says as she places the taza on the table in front of me.

She turns and takes a step back towards the pancake griddle.

I take a sip of my coffee.

It´s 10am.

Now, I´m awake.

I take my plate off the table and place it in the sink; I turn on the faucet and wash it; I place it in the dryer rack; even though the particlefabricator can manufacture plates, I like doing it this way.


“I´m going to go to the store. You want anything?”, I ask my wife as I put my tennis shoe on.

“Mustard”, she replies, “I´m making chuletas for dinner.”

“Ok”, I reply as I put my other shoe on.

I tie my shoe; I still like the way this feels. #accomplishment

“19 pesos”, the cashier says as she puts the mustard into a bag.

I hand her the 20 peso efectivo; she gives me my change.

“See you tonight?”, I ask her as I grab the bag with mustard.

“8pm?”, she asks as she turns her head to me then looks away.

“At the spot”, I reply as I turn my head from her.

I leave the store.

I have to stop this.

The walk back home takes 15 minutes if you take the most direct path; that day, I decide to walk a different route back; this way takes 19 minutes and is 2.3 kilometers long; I had timed myself once on this route; going along the ocean, I can watch the surfers catching waves; occasionally, a person parasailing will pass by; this day is no exception.


“Are you sure you want to do this?”, the cashier asks me as she pushes the box across the table to me.

“Yeah”, I reply as I grab the box.


I place the box on the table in the living room; opening it, the first thing that I can see is that the DVD is there, like always.

I place it in the machine.

The microwave beeps; the palomitas are ready; I get up from the sofa.

I pour hot sauce on the palomitas; the movie starts playing.

“Do you think they´re observing us?”, she asks as she turns her head to me. (4/16/2018)

“You know”, I reply as I put my hands behind my head, “I just assume yes and behave accordingly, regardless.”

“I think it´s important to know”, she replies as she takes a sip of her soda.

“I agree with you”, I reply as I turn my head to look at the constellation Sagittarius, “but I think there´s other questions that are important right now.”

She takes another sip of her soda; it´s cold and very refreshing.

We´re teenagers in this galaxy; although, we´re been around for so many milleniums; it´s the first time that we´ve been here; on Planet QKMN, the government has decided to follow the naming convention of Planet Earth and uses the same designations for the erected structures orbiting this double-star; we may go far away, but we never really go where we aren´t.

I turn my head back to her.

“I think that unless you are in your bathroom or bedroom, you just have to assume that they are watching. Right?”

“It´s uncomfortable when people are watching.”

I turn my head away and back to the night sky.

“You get used to it.”

Where do we go from here?, I think to her.

Is this enough being observed? Can we leave now?, she thinks back to me.

“At the 9th point”, I tell the class, “we were finally truly successful in developing the tools and standards for thoughtcommunication.”

“What was it like before then?”, a student asks.

I turn my head away and then back to the student.

“Well”, I reply, “it just was what it was.”

“That doesn´t make any sense”, the student responds.

“Yup”, I say.

This is my 14th day teaching nativelingustical theory.  I enjoy teaching this class. It´s interesting the formulas that we use to communicate.

Creo que no

Supongo que no

Claro que no

It´s really easy to talk once you know the basics; the difficult part is always the confidence. What you need to remember is that–while you may be a beginner, the recipient of your message is an expert, and will understand, your intent. You just have to try, a little bit, right?

Then, once the ball is rolling, the rest comes easy; the catalyst, the spark, the ignition, can be small–starting a campfire takes only one match. Control is necessary, and important, and the skill that you really want to develop. It may take just a bit to start, but can you keep what you begin going, responsibly?

“Hey!”, a different student yells in the class, “she´s on the digitalTV right now. Can we pause the class to watch?”

“No”, I reply, “pause the TV and do that on your own time.”

I pause.

“Why are you watching digitalTV during class?”

The student looks up from her digitaltablet.

“Because I can?”

“Yeah”, I respond, “nice try. Not in my class.”

I turn back to the digitalchalkboard and start writing.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

“Anyone know what this is?”, I ask the class.

All the hands in the class go up.

“Good”, I reply.

I turn back to the digitalchalkboard and start writing a phrase.

“How does it feel?”

A student starts talking.

“You mean like physically or the feeling after eating it, or when you are eating it?”

I turn my head to the student, “yes.”

“Well which one is it?”, the student responds.

“Yes”, I reply.

I pause.

“If you are feeling bad and you eat it, you feel good. Right?”

The student pauses.

“Well, yes”, he replies.

“Good”, I respond.

Cause & Effect

“Why do you feel bad?”, I ask the student.

“I don´t know.”

“Yup”, I reply, “I don´t know either.”

Life Experiments

“If you feel bad and you eat it, and it makes you feel good, does that make it bad?”

The student pauses.

“Yes”, he replies.

“Yeah”, I reply, “I don´t know.”

I pause.

“Oh right”, I say as I chuckle, “I forgot what I was talking about. The reason that I mention this is because you know how it´s going to make you feel when you do it: eat it. Right? Well with language, it´s similar. How does it feel to say Good Morning or Thank You or Excuse Me? Consider how these make you feel; how they make other people feel. If you do something that makes you feel good but makes another feel bad–does that make you feel good? Consider that. I don´t think that you can memorize a textbook of anything and instantly understand how the cause and effect will be. At some point, you will have to apply, in a basic way, a small amount of the knowledge–see how it goes. Do you feel good? How do other people respond? Speculation is great as an observer–but you are both a driver and a passenger, in your life. How do things make you feel today; in the moment; tomorrow?

The Law Of Diminishing Returns.

Once something starts working, at some point, it will work less; there´s a reason innovation is always necessary for progress; a constant change has no foundation, but incremental, tested and observed, steps are important, if not the only option.”

“If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you jump?”, I ask the class. (4/24/2018)

“No”, a student yells out, “I am not like everyone.”

“Don´t yell in my class, asshole”, I reply as I turn my head back to the digitalblackboard.

I start writing–

The drop to the water from the bridge is 2 feet into the water.

I turn back to the class.

“Would you jump?”

A student puts his hand in the air.

“Ok”, I say as I point to the person.

“Yes”, the student says, “that sounds reasonable.”

“Ok”, I reply as I turn back to the digitalblackboard.

I continue writing–

The lake is polluted and has signs that say no swimming.

I turn back to the class.

Mumbles in the crowd.

“You see where I´m going with this?”

I turn back to the digitalblackboard, and write–

A person jumps in

I turn–

“Would you jump in to rescue them?”

I turn off the videoprojector.

“You get the point?”, I say to the class, “every situation is unique, like every person. You want to hear my suggestion?”

I pause.

“Well”, I say to the class, “see if the lake is really that polluted. You know maybe it´s ok. Then, if someone jumps in, preferably not you, see how they are in a couple days, if they seem ok–well, maybe, it´s ok.

I turn back to the digitalblackboard and start erasing the notes.

“And”, I tell my wife as I reach over for the digitalpapas, “that was more or less how my day was. How was your day?”

“It was cool.”

“Cool!”, I reply as I grab a turkey leg.

“And”, I continue to the doctor as he writes the notes on the computer with his keyboard in his small office, “that´s more or less how it went at dinner last night.”

“Interesting”, he replies as he types.

He pauses; turns his head to me.

“Oh”, he says as he takes off the headphones, “did you say something? Sorry, I´ve been listening to the football game on the radio.”

I sigh; what´s the point?


The alarm is still going off; I barely slept last night. I reach over, with my eyes still closed, and hit snooze. I put my head back in the pillow; I hope it comes in today.


I open the front door of the house and take a step; the hot air hits me. I go down the stairs from the porch on to the walkway. I open the mailbox.

It´s there.

I pull it out and open it on the spot.

My first royalty check.

I smile.

I pause; anything else, I want to say before class ends for the day.

A hand goes up; I turn my head.

The person starts speaking–

“So what is the right answer?”

I pause.

“I don´t know”, I say as I turn my head away, “yes?

“I am a pioneer of reverse psychology in blogging”, the writer says. {PART 1} (5/2/2018)

I pause; I look out the window; I lean back in the chair; I pause again.

“That’s LITERALLY the stupidest fucking idea that I’ve ever heard”, I tell him as I lean forward and pick up my taza of coffee.

“No”, he replies as he takes a sip of coffee, “here me out.”

“We’re done here”, I reply as I get up from my chair at the small cafe; waste of fucking time, yo.

I open the front door of my house; taking a step, I smell coffee; oooo whose brewing?

“Hi”, my wife calls out as I take a step into the kitchen, “I made you a cup of coffee.”

I pause; what’s going on? She must want me to keep her?

“Yeah”, she says as she throws the cup of coffee at me, “I heard about what you did.”

I pause; how’s she know about the 56.476 fish sticks that I ate for lunch?

“You were supposed to be nice to the writer”, she says as she pours another cup of coffee from the digitalcoffeemaker, “be a gentleman.”

“Oh”, I reply as she hands me a fresh cup of coffee, “that was your new digital companion?”

“Yup”, she says as she pulls a chair out of the kitchen table, “you’re going to have to try again tomorrow. Can you be a nice guy, just once?”

“Yes”, I reply as I take a sip from the taza, “for you anything.”

“I am a pioneer of reverse psychology in blogging”, the writer says from across the table.

I pause; speak my mind or what?

“Ok?”, I reply as I take a sip of coffee and lean back in my chair.

“Yes”, my wife’s digital companion says, “I think that it is helping a lot of people.”

I pause; hmm.

“You did better this time”, my wife says from across the kitchen table as she takes a sip of coffee.

She pauses; what am I going to do? I don’t have money to keep paying the rental costs for the digitalcompanion.

I know, I think back to her, it’s expensive. 

“What do you want to do this afternoon?”, HR asks as she looks out the window then back at us.


“Nah”, she replies as she takes a sip of coffee, “it’s raining on Planet LIMWNS.”

I pause; isn’t this a school day?

“So”, the doctor replies as he types the notes on his computer in his small office, “you think that there’s value in home schooling?”

I pause; speak my mind or what?

“Yes”, I reply as I lean back in the chair, “I think that really everyone is home schooled. It goes to what you are exposed to in your home life, away from class, that teaches you. School is a place of socializing; learning how to navigate different situations; exploring with others your interests; but, as a place of learning? With the technologies that we have now, it is possible to really develop a strong base of intelligence outside the confines of the educational curriculm; it was not always the way–but look at self-study now!”

“So”, he replies, “you think that we should push home schooling?”


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