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It’s Time To Risk It All (Some) In Life (11/6/2014)

Basically, this is a constant changing emotional state and it’s risky – the Reward Has To Be FUCKING Huge for me to take a risk

I.E. I wanted to join a bike group yesterday – new group, cool ride, close to home

So I called a friend – “Hey, can you do the ride with me” “Ok” “Cool, pick you up at 6”

It Applies To Dating, Business – Really Any/All Aspects of Living.

The point???

It works for you too.

These principles work when you are examining a new situation you want to try:

I.E. Can you actually do it? What do you get out of it? Is the result a sure thing? How confident are you that afterwards you will get the desire outcome? Is there a better or cheaper way to get what you want? (And most importantly) Does it reduce your risks?

It’s 11:01am on a Thursday – feeling good about meeting new people, exercising, riding my longest trip to date here – I’m stable, comfortable, and feeling good about the decision. It’s kind of what I thought would happen – it worked out.


Is there a situation (relationship, job, friendship) that you want to try but aren’t sure. Does this simple checklist help you?

Interview of Mr. Jamie Smith (11/13/2014)

Kate: On a scale of 1-10 how awesome do you consider yourself?

Jamie: 7, always room to improve

Kate: What is the major turning point in your life?

Jamie: I’ve had several moments – when I was young I was told the doctor’s didn’t think I would have a long-life, shortly afterwards I read an article about an actor dying of Hirschprung’s at 30, intellectually I understood it was irrational – but it created a “deadline” that pushed me to have a “complete” life – like I never dreamed of old age with someone, didn’t think I’d ever get married, have a family, kids, Etch… the thought of “what do I want to do for my “career”, the rest of my life never really came into play – take away a family, career, kids, house – what do you have to live for??? Being a friend. So it wasn’t until my late 20s I started thinking – Well Shit, what do I want? I said “Oh Fuck”, I could be around for a long-time HAHAHA what do I want to do until I retire. Repeat the same engineering project; do the same routine. It wasn’t until years later when I started building real lasting friends around mutual interests where I started to really change my mindset and consider – Hey, Life is pretty Fucking Awesome when you have people to have fun with.  So one instance??? Nah. Several instances culminating. Learning of my friend’s suicide was the prompt to continue following my dreams; I saw the alternative. So while I do a lot of cussing, and can be direct – it’s because I’ve seen first hand and from other’s experiences what happens when you compromise – it’s not an option.  I see no other way to live my life besides the way I am living it.  Long hikes, bike rides, international travel, hours of meditation – they all have had an equal effect in shaping my beliefs, thoughts and actions.  Every day when I wake up I choose to continue my life – everyday is it’s own turning point; success or failure, mediocrity with addictions or more with clean living. I’ve struggled with addiction all my life – so everyday is a turning point – towards the future or the past. I know the past – the future, I’m open/curious/excited/wondering/anticipating about.

Kate: Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line?

Jamie: I don’t think that way. Where do I see myself at the end of my life – and what’s going to get me there. In AA, NA, DRA (Dual Recovery Anonymous), I see so many miserable people living on will power – not acting natural. When I got my bike I just naturally didn’t want to drink or do drugs – I just have no desire.  Maybe I’m lucky, I don’t know???  To answer the question – happy and enjoying life and I’ll do whatever the Fuck it takes to get there (within the law).

strong>Kate: What if I say — You are freaking Awe—Some!!!!!!!

Jamie: Ehh. I don’t think that way – You’re my hero. I don’t take praise well. Umm… ok. Thank you.

Kate: Should I tell the general public that here I am interviewing the leader of the 21st Century?

Jamie: I don’t have any followers.  I prefer just to do my own thing – never tried to fit in or felt comfortable or successful seeking approval. Never felt approved of – but made peace with that.  A long time ago.

Kate: What is the one word that comes to your mind when someone says — My life is not worth!

Jamie: Really, I try to tune out everyone – you could say I live in my own world, but more accurately I work hard to focus on what brings me forward in life; I have said that I tune out criticism and praise equally – really just staying focused is a challenge enough in itself.  I have learned recently however that I like people that help make my life easier.

Kate: What is your biggest asset?

Jamie: I really don’t know LOL

Kate: Are you crazy?

Jamie: Crazy is a horrible choice of word.  I don’t label myself – it’s a form of restriction.  However, I can view situations as sane, insane. Naturally, I have self-awareness – I can view myself, the situation rationally/objectively and confer, “whoa, what the Fuck am I doing” – but often times I need to process to understand my motives – I can get wrapped up in following my unconscious mind and act on intuition rather than my analytical mind.

Kate: If cat = dog what will be adventure = ?


Kate: What do you mean by ‘ Making Ostomies Badass’ ?

Jamie: After the ostomy, I saw several people just staying at home complaining about the symptoms (which I concur are very real).  Uncover Ostomy was the 1st person, Jessica Grossman, who made it “sexy”. I like the word “badass” after seeing a friend post a picture of her with the caption – “badass”.  I saw the picture and liked the way it made me feel about this person.  I said, someone’s got to do it – I already was jaded by the clean-cut, corporate, Bullshit, car salesmen, slicked hair, Bullshit suit and tie life coaching image and said Fuck it – it needs to change to be more from the heart – Fuck it (I live on disability).  I have no boss to answer to, no need to sell an insincere image to feed myself – Fuck it, I’m going to use profanity and document my life (with the real scenario of failure).  I’m in a unique position – 34, fixed income, no boss, who else gets the opportunity to genuinely express their frustrations, hopes, everything on their heart without having to cowtow to a single person.  It’s not original to me, I have a friend here who uses the phrase, “radical honesty”. I dig it – it keeps me off addictions, keeps me moving forward, having fun – Fuck it. You have no clue how freeing, “radical honesty” is HAHAHA

How To Get Shit Done (One Method) (11/16/2014)

Yo – This Is A Big Thing for me that I Just Learned.

He Calls It the 90% Rule.  Basically – The objective is to take something from inception through 90% and then stop.  At that point, to hand it off to someone to complete the remaining 10%.  Using this principle – we’re Finishing the blog book in Record Time. You See normally, I would spend weeks analyzing the SHIT out of the Font, Colors, Basically the minutest of details.  Instead, This time, I handed it off to Ms. Kate – And It Will Be Done and Available December 5th. Yo 😉

Three Cheers to Getting Shit Done.

Excerpt From How I Wrote 2 E-Books in 1 Week Found On ImpossibleHQ.com.

I Hit 90% and Got It out of My Hands

I know myself well enough by now to know that if something hits 90% and doesn’t go anywhere, it will stay at 90% forever. I’m terrible at getting from 90% done to 99% done, so I outsource that part and send it to my editor. From there, once the big edits have been made, I take it up, give it a once over, and finish the last 1%.

However, I know that if I try to keep control of it from 90% to 99%, I’ll never get it done. The perfectionist’s dilemma kicks in and I move onto something more interesting and less intimidating.

If you’re writing something – be it a book, a blog or something completely different – get it to 90% and get it out of your hands.

[Full Article]

So Fucking Stoked to Be Finishing up this project. And the reason I like this idea – is it quantifies an otherwise objective variable – When Will It Be At 100%? Never or when you hit your fixed/moving deadline. NAH Better – at 90%.  Is WAY EASIER and MORE REALISTIC

And Reason #18363549 For Not Going Alone – the 90% Rule.

Feeling Productive.

As Always, Keep Rocking. Be AWESOME. Adventure On,

Get Out Of The House – Get Into Living (In Reality) (11/25/2014)

You see I saw a lot of these so-called, “Lifestyle Designers” Bragging about living in Tropical Places, Drinking Fancy Drinks, Relxing 24/7…

But You see their pictures were always (Ok, Like 99%) them on a computer #FuckingLame


Living the tablet lifestyle AKA the active business owner lifestyle

It Is ABSOLUTELY  100% Response to this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE trend of Avoiding Life and Skirting your dreams by building a “Lifestyle Business” that let’s you sit on your couch (Or Ok, I Give it to you, your porch) and Spend All Day on the computer.

It’s Why I Bought a Tablet.

… And Why I Recommend it To FUCKING EVERYONE.


It All started when I started looking at ways to record Skype videos…

It was Spring or so 2014… youtube’d “Record Skype calls”

AND EVERY-100%-OF-PEOPLE WERE IN LIKE a dark cave with a headset talking to people

Like, Seriously, Can we be real for one second

Do you HONESTLY Consider this communication???


If you saw SpanishCerveza.com – I Talk about how communication is Primarily Non-Verbal

So Ok, I Give It to you – Skype Video is a way better way to communicate than email, comments, ETC…

But the point is that it’s not in Reality.

Connect with Reality, Get Out Of The House, Get off the God-Damn Porch.

Get A Tablet –

Get A Fucking Life –

Get Out Of The House –

Get Into Living (In Reality)

And With That Being Said,

I’m going to go for a walk.


#FuckingRockOut #BeBADASS #AdventureOn #TakeCharge

“It’s Actually Really Scary/ Anxious-Ridden/ Exhilarating” (11/30/2014)

Got Home about 3:41am last night/this morning.

Had a date >> So Following my new rule I Didn’t do anything work related

No Tweets. No Checking Email. No Webdesign/Writing/Editing/Or The Like

No – I’m Just kidding. The Battery on my phone died so I couldn’t do anything.

But, You see

It was on my mind

So I Got home

Plugged in the phone and waited for it to charge enough to power on

It did (while I made a cup of coffee)

Remember it was maybe 4am by this point

Turned on phone, sipped my coffee, and started writing emails


Because on December 5th the store opens and I release my memoir about the last 3 months

It’s Scary

It Keeps me up (Although not just thinking about it >> But Also working on it)

And I’m wondering >> Is It Good enough (No, Let’s change it). Is it the right length (Let’s add more info.). Is the font right/colors right/All the minutiae >> So Many Decisions

So on December 5th you will see it. It will be live.

And then Maybe I will go to bed early HAHAHA Nah. No FUCKING Chance of that.

When one thing is finished, It’s Time to move on to the next >>

Adventure On, Be BeBADASS, Fucking Rock It, CEO Mindset

Everything can change, today, by starting on THAT.

You're going to get 24 hours today

How will you use it? Do something that matters today, yo!