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"Is that a threat?" "No", I reply as I settle more into the sofa in my living room and turn up the volume on the digitalTV, "it's just a little observation--I may be wrong." "You're rarely wrong." "You're rarely helpful." "Well", Bilta replies as he closes the lid of the digitallaptop, "you programmed me to keep you on your toes--not be your mom." "I made a mistake." "Ain't that the truth", he replies as he sets...

I hit send on the digitaltelephone and Bilta gets the message, nearly, instantly; moments later, my device beeps. It's just that I want to hide my identity and this works great. I read the message; I pause; I start typing. It's your life but it's awkward. It's my life--that's right. Carry on, Bilta. I settle more into the sofa in my living room; I turn up the volume on the TV; I wonder what that is about? I...

"Yeah?", the writer replies as he leans forward in his chair at the cafe by the beach, "why´s that?" "You won´t be controlled.  You won´t be someone´s bitch." "What´s that mean?" "It means that you won´t have a master--you´ll be in control of your life.  If you HAVE to please people, you will always be under their control.  You won´t go anywhere, or not very far, in your life.  You will always second...

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