"Careening in the direction of self-actualization, we dump everything that gives us pleasure and brings us down." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“Careening in the direction of self-actualization, we dump everything that gives us pleasure and brings us down.”

“Careening in the direction of self-actualization, we dump everything that gives us pleasure and brings us down.”

I pause; I sip the coffee.

“We are wired for pleasure–so it makes sense that we would seek that–but, when we find it, do we let it go?”

“I have no clue what you´re talking about”, the writer replies as he turns to look out the window in the cafe at the beach.

“I want to live a life of pleasure–that´s how my mind works.  It makes sense that I would push myself towards pleasurable things and avoid the pain.  I would make my life a life a pleasure–I would enjoy my life, if it was pleasurable?”

“I don´t think that you would not enjoy your life, if it was all pleasurable?”

“You wouldn´t”, I reply as I take another sip of coffee, “a life of pleasure is anti-growth–it´s a pond stagnating with overgrowth.  It´s not alive–it´s avoidance.  What is pleasure? What is pain? What is worth the pain? Is pleasure greater then pain–are they two extremes and the right action, or path, is to navigate between the poles and instead live a true life, to you?”

“You do this”, the writer replies as he leans back in his chair, “you just start talking–it makes no sense.  I don´t even think that you are talking to me. Do you like to hear yourself talk?”

“How do you process your emotions, thoughts and feelings?”

“I don´t know”, he replies as he leans forward and picks up his coffee.

“For me”, I reply as I take another sip, “I need to see them–talking, or like you with your writing, is ultimately a discovery of self.  It is a means to see your intangible ideas–until, you can see them, can you understand them and if you don´t understand them, do you have peace?”

“I always feel good after I write”, he replies as he takes a sip of coffee.

“I guess”, I reply as I sip my coffee from the taza, “that if I don´t have a way to see them, I get confused–the misunderstand brain, thoughts, create chaos and control me; my actions are a byproduct of my thoughts based on my beliefs.”

“So writing and then reviewing; consideration of how I think”, he replies, “help me.”

“In this way, I have found something that helps me.”

“So why do you say these things?”

“Because this can be a way to study the penguins to learn more about them.”

“I don´t think that you can talk or write to a penguin, and we don´t understand them well enough to know how they communicate.”

“Instead”, I reply as I turn my head to look out the window, “we can talk about them and write about them–our subconcious manifest through art and writing can lead us to clues of our self-discovery on others.  Maybe we have seen what we need to see but, as of yet, have not made the jump to the conclusion–perhaps we have the data, evidence, but no way to examine it? Perhaps we are staring at the answer but don´t understand it?”

“Perhaps”, the writer replies, “we know but we don´t, really, know it.”


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