"I´m just being nice so you will leave without a confrontation", I tell the robotcompanion. » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“I´m just being nice so you will leave without a confrontation”, I tell the robotcompanion.

“I´m just being nice so you will leave without a confrontation”, I tell the robotcompanion.

“But”, the robotcompanion replies as his right arm starts spinning, “I´m a nice guy.”

He pauses; why isn´t this working?

He starts talking again.

“I´m a fungi.”

Smokes starts to come out of his left knee.

“No”, he replies, “I´m a fun person.  I mean human. No, wait. Guy. I´m a cool guy.”

I throw the taza at him; the coffee hits him in the face; the liquid starts to short out the digitalcircuit in his head; his right arm stops spinning; smoke stops coming out of his knee.

You don´t have to pay rent anymore; I bought the fucking robot, I think to my wife and she gets the message, nearly, instantly.

Thank you!, she thinks back to me.

The barista turns his head to me; I put a finger up in the air.

Check, I think to him.

Moments later, I put my money on the tray for the coffee and biscotti; leaving a 15% tip, I can´t help but think:

How much my life has changed since I started taking responsibility for my actions; my future is up to my choices; if a road forks, you CAN take both paths; although, you can only walk one at a time; still, you can be doing both; you can both be the writer and the parent; just understand that you can only do one at a time; the secret?

Whatever you´re doing, do it.

Wherever you are, you are.

Wherever you´re not, you´re not.

When you choose, you make decisions.

When life is hard, it is.

When you´re sad, be completely devastated.

When you´re happy, be totally exuberant.

When you hold back, be unapologetically aware.

When you don´t think, stop yourself.

If you go, you´re gone.

If you come back, you´re back.

So how´d it go?

I stop writing on the napkin at the small cafe; I turn my head to look out the bay window;

How my life has changed, yo.

I feel a vibration in my pocket; I pull my digitaltelephone out and check the message.

We need to talk, right now! Call me!!!

I pause; does he understand that we can´t go back in time? Does he understand that life is not about going back to change events, or how it happened, but having trust that the situation will arise again–and, you´ll get a second chance, but not with the same person?

I start writing the message.

I understand that you think that you were not GREAT as a friend. It´s ok. It´s how it was–I don´t think that you understand. You can´t keep calling me now–it´s ok, and always was. You need to understand, please, that EVERYONE, was going through the same. It´s fine because look at us now. Develop a trust in life that you will not get a second chance with the same person, but you WILL get a second chance to do the right thing. You will get a second chance to be the hero–you will get another opportunity–in a way, that you can´t yet imagine, to go again; you´ll have to accept how it was; if it makes you sad–it is because you are human: let go of the idea that you can change the past with an action in the present, yo!

I pause; I got to stop writing responses.

I continue typing the message on my digitaltelephone.

Here´s something that you can do: Go back to the very first idea in my first book, and try it: try to duplicate it in your present moment in your life; see where it goes?

The response comes 4.02988 nanoseconds later.

Wake up?

I type the response; will this ever end?

No. Set your alarm for 11am. It´s a rather innocuous action. You´re PROBABLY already awake, right? Nothing bad should really happen. I know that you are thinking that it can´t change anything. You are thinking that it´s not really an idea, but, maybe you can try it ONE TIME, yo? If you are at work, your alarm will sound and you´ll be a little embarassed, but then you can turn it off, and it will be ok. If you are by yourself, it can be annoying, but you can delete the setting after it happens. Wherever you are–maybe–it will be a way to remind yourself that you are there?

I hit play; the response is sent.

Ok, I did it.

I pause; this is my favorite part of the job. 

I start typing the idiomatic response on my digitaltelephone:

Ok, now delete the alarm or turn it off. You would be a pain for your coworkers or it could be a distraction if you´re by yourself. The advice in this? Make your own life decisions; tell us your current situation. Get us up to date with your present moment. Let me go so I can get back to work–the barista is staring at me as I type this on my phone. No response needed.

I hit play.

The response comes 2.93987 nanoseconds later.

Now, what do I do?

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