"It takes a long time to get used to feeling good--to that be your default, go-to, existance. Feeling good is a change." » Y G H M®: the stories, yo
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“It takes a long time to get used to feeling good–to that be your default, go-to, existance. Feeling good is a change.”

“It takes a long time to get used to feeling good–to that be your default, go-to, existance. Feeling good is a change.”

I continue speaking to the writer as I take a sip of coffee.

“You´re prob used to feeling bad–that´s what you know and what you fall back on.”

“I don´t think so?”

“If you are not used to feeling good–how can you know?”

“Maybe I am confused–what´s it mean to feel good?”

“It means you stop eating when you want; it means you stop judging or criticising and let go of others; it means you don´t cling or attach to pleasure; it means you can appreciate a cool breeze on your sweaty body; it means that you can enjoy–just being.”

“I´m being able to start understanding you.”

“It means you have peace with the present moment without needing anything, specifically.  I mean if you are hungry, you want to eat; if you are tired, you want to sleep; but, you have control over it, and your brain; your actions are a byproduct of consciencious effort, not reactive; you do what you want–but, you don´t need to control others or anything; you are fine with how things are. Make sense?”

“Kinda”, the writer replies as he turns his head to look out the window, “rather then view myself as lacking, something, I am content.”

“Yeah”, I reply as I take another sip of coffee, “I think that´s a good way to say it–you are content with what happened, what is happening, and what you, reasonably, feel will happen in the future.”

“It´s just nothing.”

“I can see that–like you aren´t in pain or in bliss.  Grounded in the moment, you doesn´t exist–just what is around you and what is happening.  You are attaching to your physical existance–it is the opposite of living a life on the digitalwebs.  It is being in touch with your neighbors, your environment and you.  How do you feel, right now?”

“I´m hungry.”

“That is an attachment–instead of thinking or existing in hunger, let go and order food or let your actions free to do what you want.  You are the boss of you, but no one else; you are the master of you, but no one else; you are you, but no one else; you don´t live through anyone so you don´t feel emotions such as jealousy, anger, envy, hatred or desire.  Instead, when you see someone´s face, you see your own.”

“I see my face on others?”

“They are you.”



“That guy over there?”, the writer asks as he points to a hunched over man on a digitaltelephone in the corner.

“Yes”, I reply as I turn my head back to the writer, “that is you but with an internet addiction–do you understand that? Can you see that? His face is your face.”

“That doesn´t make sense.”

“Keep letting go of who are you to instead be who you could be–it is far more powerful to be the collective, then the individual.”

“Who am I?”

“That´s a good question”, I reply as I take another sip of coffee, “who is your partner–everyone has a partner.  Everyone has a significant other–male or female.  The person that creates your sense of we. When you say, ´we do this or we do that´, to whom are you referring to. Become and develop into a we, not an I. You probably already have a person that you rely on weither implicitly or directly that forms that basis of who you are.  Consider all aspects of your life, including your writing career, and have them be your partner, more, officially–consider that your life partner is your strongest partner in life.  It sounds redundant, but really consider it.  The stronger the bond with your other; the stronger you are as a person.  Take time to view it as a business partner arragement; you may make the money writing, but they may support you in a way that allows you to reach a new level; a plateau that you both get, collectively, to together; you take each other, respectively, to new heights.”

“I have a cat.”

“Consider a bipod. A human.”

“I have a girlfriend.”

“She is your biggest asset.”

“She is my biggest pain in the asset, if you know what I mean.”

“Division amongst the ranks will only lead to failure–be strong together.”

“That makes sense.”

“Yeah”, I reply as I take another sip and set down my taza, “I don´t care–but anyways, you ready for an awesome assignment this time?”

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