“Who Do You Work For?”, he says as he lowers his shades. I reply, “my clients, a$$hole, Yo!”

“Who Do You Work For?”, he says as he lowers his shades. I reply, “my clients, a$$hole, Yo!”

“And”, he continues as he places my hands on the hood of the car, “who might these be? Who are your clients?”

The hood IS HOT, I think; I take my hand off the side mirror of the 200SX; the mechanic is right; the transmission isn’t working right; got to give my boss a call, I think; then I remember, WAIT, I DON’T HAVE A BOSS, YO.

“Do you remember what we talked about yesterday, class”, I asked myself in the mirror.

Breath. Stay Calm. You got this shit, today, bitches, Yo! 😉

I repeat the mantra in my head as I pick up the razor blade; shaving cream; controlled stoked; FUCK, man, I’m going to look FUCKING FLY AS SHIT, YO!, I think as I put on socks; never forget socks, I recall her saying once; man, FUCK, she talked A LOT about socks, wonder what that was about, I think; any way you can make your dreams come true, within the confines of the law; love is dreams.

I close the front door as I call out, “Bye!!!! See you tonight!”

Step 1…Step 2… at this point, it’s become automatic, I think.  Step 5… Step 6… Step…

“Oh! FUCK!”, I say as I twist my ankle on the last step.

“Oh! DAMN It!”, HR calls out to me, “dad, did you twist your ankle again.  I swear you are SO FUCKING CLUMSY. Two left hands, man!”

“Well, the expression is 2 right feet”, I say as I bend over to untie my shoe, “but anyways, can you give me a hand?”

HR starts clapping.

I sigh…

“You want me to call your wife?”, HR asks as the front door of the emergency room automatically slides open.

“Yeah”, I tell HR, “just let her know that I’m ok.  Nothing to worry about. We should be done in here in a couple hours, then I’ll be back tonight. Let her know that IT’S ROUTINE STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE for a clutz.”

“Yeah”, HR replies laughing, “I think she KNOWS YOU JUST A LITTLE BIT, Yo!”

I sit down in the waiting room.

Because, we’re all in the waiting room so find something good to read, Yo! 😉

“I’ll let you know that I waited 17 years”, I tell HR as the doctors scurry by from one room to the next.

“For what?”, HR asks me as her big brown eyes get big.

“To try macaroni and cheese for the first time”, I tell HR as I recline the seat; getting comfortable.

I continue, “yeah, I don’t know why–always had a fear of it. Pretty #irrationalAF, huh?”

“No”, HR says calmly, “I… I get it.”

The nurse enters the room.

“The doctor will see you now”, she asserts in one breath; take your time, Yo, I think.

5 minutes later, we are back on the freeway; heading back; me with my ankle in a brace; HR with a box of macaroni and cheese; she says that she’s going to give it a try tonight; we’ll see, I think.

I get back home; turn on the front door light; take my shoes off; have a quick shower; let me sleep quickly, I think; 5.3089 seconds after setting my head on the pillow, I’m out, like a #lightAF, Yo! 😉

The morning is going to come quickly; sleep when you can.

I have no dreams that night, in my sleep; peaceful like a baby, Yo! 😉

Everything can change, today, by starting on THAT.

You're going to get 24 hours today

How will you use it?