When You Become The Go-To Person, Then Things Start To GO TO You

People think in problems. For example, “I’m hungry. What are my options.” Ok?

So with this in mind – what option are you offering?

Why do people go to you?

Problem leads to options leads to a person going to an option, not necessarily a solution.

Right now, we are looking at this business. We thought originally questions like:

  1. Who are the ideal customer?

  2. How can we form relationships with them?

  3. Who buys the service of a mechanical engineer?

And, it doesn’t really lead to any clear answers – besides options such as architects, business owners, and contractors.

But, another way to look at it – and the way to reframe the question is this:

  1. For whom are we the “go-to” person?

When I need a hair cut then I call my friend and make an appointment. When I am looking for a new phone, I also have a go-to person that I check first.

And, there is the frame around which to build a business. Become the go-to person.

The way that you do this is by doing 1 thing and doing it so well that you become the defacto “it” person for this – like literally the skills pay the bills, so think in skill-based businesses before products.

I am a mechanical engineer but I need to define myself more to become the “it” person – the go-to person for something.

And, this way I don’t need to bombard people with tons of high pressure advertising, promote my business through agressive Facebook ads (that piss people off), or be anything else then my natural self – look at what you are naturally the it person for.

When I wanted to name this blog, there were several people that could have helped, but I knew exactly the person I wanted involved – my go-to copywriter and branding person.

When I want to get website help, I have a go-to person.  This person may have 10 different skills, and be versed in several different things – but it’s not what she has, it’s what she is and that’s the go-to web designer that I like to use.

Look at your credibility.  You get advice all day from people thinking that they know what’s best – but if you don’t believe it, do you listen? If you don’t want their life, then why would you take their advice? If they’re not living the life you want, then they’re not going to be your go-to person for how to live.

No one is expecting the go-to person to do it all – it’s about 1 thing that they are the go-to person for doing.

What if McDonald’s started building cars? Would you trust them at first? Would they be a viable option to consider? Would they instantly become the “it” car manufacturer because they clearly have sold 1 billion plus hamburgers? Clearly, this is a ridiculous example.  But the point is that, they are known for something, and until they establish credibility they can’t use their name to position themselves in another industry, in much the same way that you can’t jump fields, say from web designer to chef, and not expect people to be skeptical until you establish credibility and become the go-to person for this new skill or idea.

You can stop writing for your ideal client and start writing to become the go-to person for a particular skill.

For example, “I’m an engineer that does small commercial projects.” or “I’m your go-to man when you need to get your building approved by the city.” See how the second example says, “I can do something for you that you need.”

It’s not about what benefit you give – it’s ALWAYS about what problem you solve because that’s how people think. We think in problems: What am I going to do tonight? What am I going to eat tonight? What am I going to wear?

And, when you start being a viable option to a person’s problem, you become their go-to person.

And, that’s when people start to go to you.

And, money starts to chase you.

Jamie Smith

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