Smart People Realize That They’re Not Business Owners, They ARE THE BUSINESS

If you follow my personal Facebook page, you’ld see that I just deactivated it. I get tired of caring about people that don’t care about themselves, and needed to recharge by reconnecting in reality.

But, you see it – it doesn’t have to be this way.

The business owners that are killing it these days are not just promoting one image on their Facebook or social media and then an incongruent image on their personal. No, they are the real deal in everything.

I have my business side and I have my personal side – but they are both in alignment with who I am.

I run adventure groups, and I do adventures. It’s both the personal and professional side.

If you follow the Facebook page You’ve Got Hate Mail then you’ll see that the stories there and the stories on my personal page are the same – they’re just written differently because there for a different audience.

But, they are consistent. I really do live this life that I promote.  I really do the things that I write about in books. I really am the whole package of everything that people see – in websites, in social media, in interactions I’m consistent.

I remember living in San Diego working as an engineer and having all these ideas but not being able to pursue them – I felt dead inside. It would take me years and lots of fuck-ups to get to this place, where I actually can start going after these ideas that I have. And, it’s not for show – it’s who I am. And, my personal social media reflects that.  I am using it to leverage – or more accurately give a message to a different audience that knows me more in real life. But, it’s all about the story.

Last week, I went through my personal Facebook page and made some stories public.  The point is that I am telling a story with the way that I live my life and parts of that story fit best in different places; some parts fit on my Fan page, other on my social media, others in person, and others in video. It’s about how to communicate that story that I am living to others, and include the whole picture – because the whole picture is consistent with who I am.

In about a month, I suspect, I’ll break 1,000 people in the adventure groups. That means 1,000 people that know who I am – 1,000 people that will wonder, “What’s the story?”

And, the story is not about selling something – it’s about giving something. Hope. Ideas. Suggestions. Building friendships.

Because, when you start building friendships – you start building a business, a business that is going to last long term.

All day long, I see a constant stream of people saying, “Look at me. Look at me.”

Instead, I want to say, “I can give you this _.” And, you can see that I’m genuine in what I do – it’s public, it’s out in the open, it’s my heart open to you.

And, the thing is that we don’t want fake, plastic, and insincere, we want genuine people, and we want to know the mission. Every hero story includes a mission.

What’s the point of what you are doing? Does it match what actions you are taking. It’s the person who quit smoking only to light up again – and, my heart breaks because I care and I want them to be successful.

It’s the way that I care about others – but when actions don’t match intent, it sucks to be a bystander.

My life is moving in a linear path – and all signs show that it is genuine, authentic, and caring.

I am not promoting my own personal agenda – I’m just happy to share what my life is like.

After all, I don’t hire businesses, I hire people – and I want to know who you are. Completely.

Jamie Smith

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