I turn my head to look at the pond; there´s 17 ducks swimming today; {Part 2}

I turn my head to look at the pond; there´s 17 ducks swimming today; {Part 2}

 I wonder what the water feels like; should I go for a swim? I look down at my digitaltelephone; there´s no newmessages.

Hmm… that´s strange.

I start typing.

Did you like the song?

I hit play on my device; the message goes out and gets there, nearly, instantly on his digitaltelephone. Moments later, there´s no new messages.

The message comes in that night.

Sorry, my battery ran out. Yeah, the song was cool. 

I smile.

Cool, I think. I turn my digitaltelephone off. Moments later, I´m asleep.

“Well… the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, actually, led to Aborigenes rights in Australia”, he says as we sit down; I can´t believe we´ve almost made it.

We´re now almost done hiking the Santa Cruz trail; nearly finished, we feel relieved; we talk about (civil) rights; our respective plans for the future–right after the hike and in general; where we´re going next; how things were in other parts of the world; somehow the topic turns to politics and the Civil Rights Movement is brought up; he talks about how how the progress in the United States led to the, traditionally, marginzalized Aborigenes in Australia also getting rights; there´s no phones or search engines on the trail, no way to check if it´s correct; no reception; I pause; that´s really cool!, I think. It´s 2010 now; with this challenge finished?

“I´m going to hike to the summit”, he says.

I pause; that´s a lot of work for nothing.


“Did he make it?”, HR asks as I hit pause on the videoprojector in the small cafe.

I shrug.

“I don´t know. Probably?

She turns her head from her taza to me.

“So you guys didn´t exchange contact information?”


“But”, HR replies as she leans back in her chair, “if he summitted it… then he needed a permit

“We all did to do the hike”, I reply as I cut her off

I pause, again, “oh, sorry!”

I pause; she´s going to do great!


“If there´s a permit, there´s a record of who he was–right?


I pause; was she going to figure it out?

She pauses; there´s something more that I´m not figuring out.

“Wait”, she says as she leans forward in her chair, “if there´s a way to figure out who HE was”

She pauses. She turns her head to me.

“Do you know?”

I pause; hmm… what to say?

“What other details do I know to the story on who she is?”

I pause; I lean forward in my chair and pick up my taza.

“So anyways…”, I say as I take a sip and turn my head to her, “you paying for this coffee or me?”

Moments later, we leave the small cafe; she gets in her spacejet to head back to school; I get in my vehicle.

So how´d it go?, my wife thinks to me.

It was nice, I think back to her, thanks for the suggestion! I turn on the radio. I recline the seat. Moments later, I´m asleep.

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