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“Careening in the direction of self-actualization, we dump everything that gives us pleasure and brings us down.” (9/29/2018) - I pause; I sip the coffee. "We are wired for pleasure--so it makes sense that we would seek that--but, when we find it, do we let it go?" "I have no clue what you´re talking about", the writer replies as he turns to look out the window in the cafe at the beach. "I want to live a life of pleasure--that´s how my mind works.  It makes sense that I Read more
“I´m a lover of the small things–holding hands, walking together, small gifts, intimate dinner.” I pause; I sigh. (9/28/2018) - "What happened to romance?", the writer asks. I shift in the seat; I turn my head to look out the window; I turn back to the writer. "Now, guys, treat it more like bromance when they want something--romanticism is gone.  It´s an act; it´s a aggressive demand; respectful behavior is forbidden; instead--rush in to the relationship then plateau at partners--not lovers." "I think that my girlfriend and I do it Read more
“At some point, you´re just going to say fuck it and you´re going to do what you´ve been putting off (9/23/2018) - and that´s when your life is going to start." The writer shifts in his seat; how´d he know that I have been putting off buying an anniversary gift for my girlfriend? I continue speaking as I pick up the taza. "Until you get over the fear hump--the thing that you are putting off--you will be living out of fear and not love.  It´s not living--it´s existing.  It´s not happy--it´s flat-lining-" I Read more
“All you can do is not contact me again”, I declare into the digitaltelephone as I hit the power button and the device shuts off. (9/20/2018) - "What was that about?", the writer replies as he turns his head to me. "Telemarketers", I reply as I pick up my taza at the small cafe by the beach, "they keep calling--I keep having to go through the same routine everytime." "You think that they would get the point?" "You would--but they are paid to be persistent." "Anything else that you can do?" "No", I reply as I take Read more
“You prob shouldn´t stare into the camera when you take the picture–I mean… do you ever blink?”, I tell the writer. (9/11/2018) - "Well", he replies as he smooths his hair back, "I want to get my good side." "Writer", I reply as I adjust the aperature on the camera, "you´re not very good looking--you don´t have a good side.  Let´s just take a picture that shows that your hole did catch a penguin. Your hole building skills are top notch--but you prob shouldn´t try to pay your bills with your face." "That´s Read more
“This is why I like to have a heavy blanket at night when I sleep–I feel secure”, I tell the writer as I shift in my seat. (9/8/2018) - "That´s interesting", he replies as he zips up his black hoodie, "so why do I have to wear a black hoodie, again?" "Solidarity." "With who?" "The penguins." "I want to be in the group of penguins." "We respect them and show them this by a simple act--wearing a black hoodie." "Do they understand what we are doing?" "Doubtful." "Well then", he replies as he reclines his seat in the spacejet, Read more
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