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I´m a man on a mission with an email, a blog and a couple books to help the neglected, down-trodden and rejected. The life choose me.

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“Really, the only people that are going to like you are the ones that think they are better then you.” (1/8/2019) - The writer shifts in his seat. I pause; I take a sip of coffee; I turn to look out the window; there´s 15 surfers, a dude selling hotdogs and a lady sunbathing. "So", I continue speaking as I pick up a biscotti, "you want to convince people that they are better then you--but you don´t want to do it with guilt trips or complaining.  People hate complainers!  Crybabys are the worst." Read more
“You´re going to learn a bad lesson about life. People leave; friends go away; you´ll be alone before you´re together.” (12/13/2018) - "What does that mean?", the writer replies as he wipes the sweat from his brow. "It means that I am tired of you just complaining--I´m leaving." "But, you aren´t going to help?" "I helped you get this work and I´ll pay you an honest wage for your time. Besides that, I am not going to stick around here." "You haven´t planted a single tree--I´ve done all the work." I pause; he´s Read more
“I don´t know why you think that I care what you do in your life–I´m just gathering information so I can decide what I´m going to do, in mine. (12/11/2018) - The writer pauses; I thought that he cared. "So you aren´t meeting me for coffees because you care about me?", he replies as he turns his head to the beach. "Yeah, again", I reply as I take a sip from the taza, "I´m not sure why you think that what you do in your life has any relevance on me? I am just listening to see if I will be affected, Read more
“Relax, agresivo. I know that you are having fun but you are bigger then them, and you are scaring the lwentqs.” (12/5/2018) - A small lwentq scurries away and into a bush on the side of the small river.  I turn my head back to Bilta. "You know", I reply as I take a bite of my ham sandwich, "it may be fun and games to you--but you are a lot bigger then a lwentq and, to them, you are scary." "But, I´m just joking around!", Bilta replies as he starts to pout. "Take Read more


I feel connected in my neighborhood. I am able to spend my time how I like. It took a lot of hard work to get here.

I didn´t think the response would be completely for me–but the negativity really surprised me.

it´s like you´ve got hate mail.

I figure that there´s other people out there in a similiar situation.

That´s why I created this blog.

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